Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm glad it's sunny today.  It would be more enjoyable if it wasn't 38 degrees, but I'll take what I can get.  I did get a package in the mail today though, which makes for much happiness!  My NARS blush from Sephora arrived.  I'm very excited about it.  I never buy expensive makeup but have had a really hard time finding blush that I like.  Finally I decided to take the plunge, this is supposedly the blush that works on everyone, so we'll see how I like it.  It's pretty!


I had lunch today with Rachel, Gabi, and Cal (my high school Student Council Advisor).  It was really nice.  It was weird being back at the high school though.  I feel too short to be a college sophomore.  I look pretty much the same as I did back then!  Haha.  Oh well.  All in all it was a nice lunch and it was good to see Rach.  I also got all my errands run this morning before lunch, so I'm on my way to a productive day.  

This is my outfit today, I got brave and did Wardrobe Remix.  

And just for fun, Mike & I at the Cavs game on February 22nd:

Guess Not

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Every time I start a new blog I tell myself that it will be the one to stick.  I think to myself, I'll update like.. everyday and it will be excellent!  Guess not.  School definitely got in the way.  Now that midterms are over and I am on spring break, I guess we'll try again!

Spring break has been surprisingly productive so far, especially since it's only Tuesday.  I still have a lot more that I would like to get accomplished by Sunday but I think things are going pretty well so far. Some highlights thus far:

From the week before but still a very noteworthy highlight, my custom purse from Deyitta over at Etsy. It is just as I had envisioned it.  She was so accommodating with me, it was a great experience.  And the bag is just beautiful.

I managed to find time to make around twelve new Blythe dresses last week and was able to list them a few days ago.  I am happy to have already sold two, so hopefully I can sell a few more before break is over.  I also listed fifteen pairs of shoes on Ebay today, so that should bring some shopping money in :)

One of my major goals of this break is to catch up on going through photos.  I take a lot of photos and then procrastinate on going through them and then uploading them to Flickr. I managed to make a tiny dent in that goal this afternoon.  Definitely have a lot more work to do.  Here is a sample of those photos, a photo of Bobbie kitty:

Managed to find time to shop a little yesterday.  Picked up these rad heels that I was eyeing this past fall.  I really wanted them in brown, but I'm lucky they had my size at all since they are from the Fall.  Old Navy for only $7:

Finally, the biggest highlight of break is the arrival of THE shoes.  The shoes that are replacing my favorite pair from Old Navy that I have worn into the ground.  I discovered these super cute vintage Sam & Libby flats.  I have been stalking Ebay for months waiting for them in black in my size.  Finally someone listed them and I snatched them up for $20 including shipping.  I am in love:

The End.