Friday Favorites 32

Friday, August 19, 2022

Happy Friday! It's time for another Friday Favorites post! Catch up on previous posts here: Friday Favorites Archives

- I bought these mason jar inserts* last year but only got around to trying them out this season. They're awesome for making quick and easy bouquets with my dahlias.

- How fun is this wreath of hexi flowers quilt top by Tree House Textiles?

- My latest instagram follow is @aww.sam, which is full of retro eye candy!

- I thrifted this large all white quilt from the Goodwill Outlet this week. I plan to dye it and cut it up to make a quilted coat or two. Just need to decide what color.

- I've been looking for a small egg crate to hold a few hardboiled eggs and I finally ended up ordering this one*.

- We started watching this show over the weekend and are loving it!

- For the longest time I've wanted to try making puppy chow with Crispix, and I did that this week! It's a bit more fragile than Rice Chex, so it broke up a little more, but it still turned out good! I also froze it after making it.

- This is such a fun idea for a snack box. Would be great to take on a picnic!

- We don't have a dog, so I have no need to make dog treats, but this video is so adorable!

- Sweet kitten keeping my company while I sew.

Have a Great Weekend!

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Tips for Dusting and Displaying Vintage Dishes

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

In the last couple of weeks I've completely disassembled my vintage pyrex and vintage enamelware displays in our dining room for cleaning. Since the shelves are open, they collect a good amount of dust and need to be completely dusted about once a year. I like to spread out the work over a few weekends since it's a bit of a time commitment. To be honest I had been putting this task off, but I'm so happy with the clean and tidy displays I've got now. I took photos as I was working this time and thought I'd share a few tips for how I dust and display my vintage dish collections. These tips would apply to any displayed dishes though, not just vintage!

First of all, with any deep clean I'd highly recommend moving everything off the shelf (or wherever your display is) that you're working on. This makes it so much easier to clean the surface. You'll need some space to work, I usually do this task either on the floor or on our dining room table.

My Dry and Wet Dusting Method

You don't need a lot of supplies, they main thing you'll need is a stack of microfiber cloths and an all purpose cleaning spray.

For the display surface I designate one cloth to remain dry and one wet. I first dust the surface with the dry cloth to remove the bulk of the dust. Then I spray the surface (of the display) with an all purpose cleaner and wipe it clean with a second cloth.

For the dishes themselves I do the same initial steps. I use a dry cloth to wipe away the bulk of the dust. I don't use any cleaning products on the dishes when I dust. Instead I wet a second cloth and keep it in a plastic container as I work. I wipe down the dish with the wet cloth, and then wipe it dry with a dry cotton towel to avoid any water marks on the surface.

Oil Wood Handles

I take this opportunity to treat any wood pieces too. After dusting, I apply a food safe wood oil (I use this one*) with a soft rag. After I few minutes I wipe it down with a clean rag to remove any excess oil, or reapply if it's really soaked in and needs more!

Remove any Price Stickers

I also found a few price stickers that I never removed so I went ahead and did that too. I like to use adhesive remove (I prefer this brand*) and a plastic scraper. I avoid using a razor blade because it can leave scratches or metal marks.

Once everything is wiped down and clean, it's time to put the displays back together! Here are a few tricks I've learned for making my displays look nice.

Tips for Stacking Dishes

To arrange stacking bowl sets so that you can see each bowl, I use small plastic deli containers* (we've gotten most of ours from takeout food!) in between each bowl. For the bottom bowls I set the container with the top facing up, as if I was about to fill the container with something. For the top bowl I place the container upside down. For me, I find this feels the most secure and looks good too!

For smaller bowl stacks I'll use whatever clear plastic I can find that's destined for the recycling bin. For this little bowl stack I used a dome lid that we got on a small container of soup!

Whenever I'm stacking pieces like these vintage pyrex casserole dishes that have lids, I make sure to flip the bottom lids upside down before stacking the next pieces, so that they're a little extra stable. You'll want to be careful anytime you stack things, since they'll be more prone to tipping over.

That's it! Pretty simple. I love having my vintage dish collections on display. I don't find a ton of pieces anymore, but I still love these collections so much. I two shelves dedicated to colored vintage pyrex. The display at the top of this post is most of my vintage enamelware collection, which includes Cathrineholm*, Dansk Kobenstyle* and Arabia Finel* pieces. Did you know you can actually buy new Dansk Kobenstyle* now? It even comes in new colors that they never previously made like pink and purple. I'd be super tempted it my shelves weren't already bursting!!

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial, or at the very least enjoyed the photos of my collections! I have lots of other tutorials for everything from quilts, pillows, bags, and holiday items to informational series and techniques. Find all my tutorials here: Tutorials. My online shop is filled with patterns for quilts and bags. Find my patterns here: Jeni Baker Patterns

Have a Great Day

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Friday Favorites 31

Friday, August 12, 2022

Happy Friday! It's time for another Friday Favorites post! Catch up on previous posts here: Friday Favorites Archives

- These solid log cabin blocks by Matthew Friesz are so striking!

- Very tempted by the double wedding ring cheater prints in this collection*.

- The siloutte of the new Corin pattern from Grainline Studios is really nice. I need to get back into garment sewing!

- I had some decent luck at the thrift stores this week. My favorite thing I found were these three vintage floral napkins. I love finding any kind of vintage tablelinens, but I have a soft spot for napkins in particular! They will need a good soak in oxi-clean, then they'll be ready to be put into rotation!

- Speaking of thrifting, I started this puzzle* that I thrifted over the weekend!

- Made this corn salad from Pinch of Yum and loved it! We made the dressing and quinoa as is, but did a slightly different bowl. We used raw corn, black beans, raw cherry tomatoes, raw peppers, and avocado. So fresh and very little cooking involved!

- Last weekend I finally spent some time resetting and dusting my vintage pyrex collection. I had pushed back all the sets against the walls when Dusty arrived, so that she wouldn't be able to knock them over. She seems completely uninterested in them so I think (hope!) it's safe to put them back. Way back when I wrote a whole series on vintage pyrex which you can find here: Vintage Pyrex Series.

- In love with this rainbow patchwork bag made by Joy using my Lined Drawstring Bag Expansion Pattern!

- Opened a new bottle of my favorite perfume* this week. It's not super strong, which is exactly what I like.

- Kitty is always nearby when I'm working :)

Have a Great Weekend!

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Update to the Hidden Kitty Litter Box Cabinet

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Happy Wednesday! Today I wanted to share an update that I completed this week to the hidden litter box cabinet that I made for Dusty earlier this year.

You can read more about the cabinet itself in this post here: DIY Hidden Litter Box Cabinet

When I originally finished the cabinet, I made a really quick cushion for the top. I only used materials that I had on hand, which in this case meant I had to compromise on the size and quality of the cushion. I wasn't sure how much Dusty would sit on it, so I didn't want to put a lot of time and money into the cushion at that time. Fast forward 6 months and I can report that she sleeps on it almost every day! She loves it in the afternoon when it gets sun. It was officially time to upgrade the cushion for something larger and more permanent.

I decided to use the same 1" black and white gingham fabric that I used on the first cushion, but this time I added some interfacing to give it extra thickness. For the actual construction of the cushion base I followed instructions for an upholstered bench project in Anna Graham's Handmade Style Book*. I used 2" high density foam*, 1/2" plywood and some cotton batting.

The cushion cover consisted of five pieces: a top and four sides. I was extra careful when cutting the top and front side to ensure that the gingham pattern matched up nicely along the edge. I didn't worry too much about the other sides, since they aren't very visible. Once I had the cover sewn, I wrapped it around the cushion base and stapled it in place. I used one of my favorite tools quite a bit on this project, my cordless stapler*. I wish I had taken some photos in progress! My only defense is that it was 94 degrees when I was working on this project!

The cushion is attached to the cabinet with 8 screws, going from the inside of the cabinet into the cushion base. I am really happy with this attachment because it means I can still easily remove the cushion if I want to replace the fabric down the road, but in the meantime it's super sturdy.

I'm so happy with how this new cushion turned out. It not only looks way better, but it's so much bigger than the original cushion! This means Dusty has even more room to sprawl out and have naps in the sun. I know she's going to get a lot of use out of it. I did not expect it to be such a visual upgrade, but I think it looks great. I was kind of winging it as I went, and I didn't make a muslin of the cushion cover, so that makes me even happier with the finished result!

Happy Sewing!

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