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Monday, December 28, 2009

Mr. Bear, originally uploaded by jenib320.
It has been slow and lazy around here post-Christmas. After being busy getting ready for Christmas I have not had the motivation to do much of anything! Warm blankets have been calling me away from my sewing machine and projects. I did manage to whip something up today though! I tried out the Peg Bear from One Yard Wonders. It is such a cute pattern! In comparison to my first and only other softie attempt, it turned out wonderful! I love him! I am excited to make another when I am back at school and have access to my entire fabric stash! I also want to get plastic eyes for the next one! But first I want to tackle the cute Elephant pattern that is in the book too!

Snow, originally uploaded by jenib320.
It finally started to snow around here. As much as I hate being cold and hate how long Cleveland winters seem to last, I was feeling a little left out around here without any snow. The west got hit, the east got hit and Northeast Ohio was getting through December with pretty much no snow at all. Then last night it started coming down and it snowed all day! I would have liked to go out and run a few errands but that's ok. It's nice that there is something other than the brown of the ground and trees to look at now. :)

Today I love the..
Smell of: Evergreen candle
Sound of: Guilty pleasure music :)
Taste of: Chicken noodle soup
Sight of: Snow
Feel of: XL fleece pullover

Good Things about Today:
- Had a nice long phone talk with Michael
- Finished a sewing project
- Wen through some Cavs photos

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