Minny Muu Patchwork Baby Quilt

Friday, June 7, 2024

Happy Friday! I have a recent baby quilt finish to share today!

A couple years ago I made a big quilt from Minny Muu* fabrics using the Prism quilt pattern that's in my book, Patchwork Essentials: The Half-Square Triangle. I had collected fat-eighth bundles of Minny Muu Spring 2014, Spring 2015, and Fall 2015 all by Koko Seki for Lecien. Read more about that quilt here: Patchwork Essentials: Minny Muu Prism Quilt

I had scraps leftover from making that quilt, and I had mostly kept them together. A few pieces here and there were used in small projects. This Spring I decided to pull all those scraps (plus a few Minny Muu prints from my stash) and piece them into a baby quilt.

Since Baby was born, I've realized that you really can't have too many quilts! We use them constantly, so I knew if I put this together, it would get used! As a bonus, she loves looking at all the cute prints (and I do too!).

This was a super simple make, just patchwork. The squares are 3.75" unfinished.

Nothing fancy for the quilting, just a diagonal grid! My favorite on simple patchwork quilts.

For the binding, I chose this adorable strawberry print by Sevenberry* from my stash. The backing is a 1" black and white gingham also from my stash. I believe it's Carolina Gingham by Robert Kaufman*, but I'm not positive! I've had it for ages.

Ironically, I originally bought some black and white gingham to back my large Minny Muu quilt, but didn't have enough and had to change course at the last moment and use a wideback! So it was nice to use a gingham for this quilt.

Finished off the quilt with one of my custom tags.

This was definitely a feel good finish! I started collecting Minny Muu over ten years ago, it was satisfying to use up the last bits in this quilt.

Fabric: Minny Muu* by Koko Seki
Pattern: None, simple patchwork

Happy Quilting!

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