DIY Ikea Poang Chair Slipcover

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Happy Wednesday! Today I wanted to share the cover I made for a thrifted Ikea POÄNG chair! I'm including my measurements and a quick tutorial if you want to make one too.

Last week I found this Ikea POÄNG chair at the thrift store. It had been marked down to $15, which was just too good a price to pass up. I've always liked the look of these chairs and they're comfortable too, so I stuffed it into the trunk and slowly drove it home! I think I saw it there weeks earlier, but the encouragement of friends pushed me to finally buy it. The red color of the cushion is honestly what made me overlook it.

After bringing it home, I first tried dyeing the cover, but it did not go very well. There was just so much fabric and it wasn't taking the dye evenly. I looked to see if Ikea sold slipcovers for this chair, but they don't! So, I decided to make one myself.

I took some quick measurements and decided to use a sheet to cover it. I knew that's what would best fit the style of the room and also would be plenty of fabric. I took advantage of the narrow hem of the sheet for the back of the cover, it avoid needing to hem in. I wanted this project to be quick and easy! The cover is just a really simple envelope style pillow cover.

DIY Ikea Poang Chair Slipcover

Want to sew your own slipcover for your POÄNG chair? Here are the details:

3.5 yards of fabric (or a flat sheet)
1 yard of velcro
Coordinating thread

Cut (1) 56"x25" piece for the front.
Cut (2) 31"x25" pieces for the back.*

*If you're not using a sheet with a hem for the back pieces like I did, add to the 31" measurement for the hem you want.

Use a 1/4" seam allowance.

Place front piece right sides up on your work surface. Place a backing piece right sides down, lining up the raw edges with the sides and bottom of the front piece. Place remaining backing piece right sides down, lining up the raw edges with the sides and top of the front piece. The two pieces should overlap in the middle. Pin around all four sides.

Sew around all for sides, securing the backing in place. Finish seams with a zig-zag stitch or serger if desired. Turn cover right sides out and press. Stuff cushion into cover.

Place cushion on the chair frame to determine where to add velcro strip. Attach velcro to the back of the cover according to manufacturer's instructions.

Because I used a thin fabric and I made the cover snug, the stitching lines from the cushion underneath show through! An added bonus. I have yet to add the velcro strip to my cover because I didn't have enough on hand. It's perfectly functional without it, but I am still looking forward to wrapping this project up and getting it installed properly!

My scrap pouf is filling up and makes for a great foot stool to go with the chair! Read more about that project here: Scrap Pouf in Progress

Did you know that Ikea has been making the POÄNG chair for more than 40 years? I love how this chair is fitting into my sewing room! There have been armchairs in and out of this room over the last year, and I was really missing having a comfy chair in here. This has been a wonderful addition. In the end, I'm glad my dyeing experiment didn't pan out, because I love the sweet floral cover I ended up making for it!

Happy Sewing!

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  1. congratulations jeni on your brilliantness. looks amazing and such a wonderful addition to your home. (-:


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