Scrap Pouf in Progress

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Happy Thursday! Today I wanted to share a new long-term project that I started in January, a scrap pouf!

The idea of slowly filling a pillow or other object with small fabric scraps isn't new, but for some reason I never took to the idea. Fast forward to this past January, when I stumbled on this reel on instagram. The maker (Brynn!), shows a pouf that they made, that is intended to be filled with fabric scraps, old clothes, single socks, etc. Something about their description of it really sold me and I immediately decided to make a pouf of my own.

Note: Brynn is going to be releasing a pouf sewing pattern in May! I'll update this post with a link to their pattern when it's published. Looks like I'll be making another pouf then!

I thought about designing something myself, but honestly just didn't feel like it! I did a quick search on Pinterest and found this DIY Floor Pouf tutorial by Heather Handmade. I had one invisible zipper on hand and it just so happened to be the right size! Thankfully I have a good stash of larger canvas fabric cuts, and I went with this beautiful pear print that I've had for nearly 10 years.

I've been slowly stuffing my pouf over the last few months and it's been really satisfying. I genuinely get excited when my little pot of scraps is full and I get to add it to the pouf! So far it mostly has small fabric scraps and trimmings. There are also batting offcuts from quilts and a bunch of random scraps and elastic from processing vintage sheets.

I'm thrilled by how much this pouf has already decreased the amount of trash coming out of my sewing room. It will be interesting to see how long it takes me to fill it!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Do you think this could work if it included tiny bits of paper pulled from foundation paper piecing? My little bin often includes paper among the trimmings and threads.

  2. The pouf is a great way to keep your scraps and trimmings out of the landfill. I made one using Closet Core Patterns free pattern. Time to make another one!

  3. I’ve got several smooshed bed pillows that will work admirably!

  4. What a great idea. I hate throwing anything into landfill, especially fabric scraps so this really resonates with me. Thanks Jeni.


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