Monday, August 19, 2013

1 Million Pillowcase Challenge

American Patchwork & Quilting 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge - I made a difference YOU CAN TOO! Click here to learn more.

Have you heard about the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge hosted by American Patchwork & Quilting? With our help they're trying to get 1 million handmade pillowcases donated to charity for children in need! And they've already passed the half-million mark!

So, this summer there was a contest to choose your favorite APQ Pillowcase Pattern.  The winning pattern was #32 Train Pillowcase.  We were invited to make a pillowcase using that pattern!

(There are 35 pillowcase patterns available for free on the American Patchwork & Quilt website, here!)

Here is my pillowcase! I decided to use only one of the applique pieces included in the pattern, a square piece. I used the Sweetish Turquoise print from Nordika for the body of the pillow, and Pure Elements Honey and Tender Green for the cuff.

I don't have a lot of experience with applique, but using Aurifil 50wt thread made it go really smoothly.  I used #2024. 

This was a really fun, quick sew, and I hope this pillowcase puts a smile on someone's face! I'll be donating it to the local Conkerr Cancer chapter to benefit American Family Children's Hospital here in Madison.  I can see the hospital from our apartment, which is pretty cool. Would you spare an afternoon to make a pillowcase too?

Make a Pillowcase. Make a Difference.
Here's how you can help:
1. Find a participating shop.
2. Make a case (or several!)
3. Be sure your donation counts! Update our online pillowcase counter by logging in here and adding your number, or send an email to and we'll add your number to our tally! 

Click here to find out more.


  1. I've been making these pillowcases for a couple of years and it is very easy and also gratifying. All the kids in our family love their pillowcases too.


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