Reusable Gift Tag Ideas for Drawstring Bags

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Happy Wednesday, and welcome to the third week of the Lined Drawstring Bag Sew Along! This week I'm very excited to share ideas for how to tag your drawstring bag wrapped gifts! I'll be updating the Sew Along Page each week with all the posts so that you can easily catch up or reference these posts after the sew along ends!

I hope you'll sew along with us! Sew from the tutorial or the patterns:
Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial
Lined Drawstring Bag Pattern
Lined Drawstring Bag Expansion Pattern

As we've shifted more of our holiday gift wrapping to reusable drawstring bags, I quickly realized I needed some different options for marking the gifts. I could put a sticker gift tag directly on the fabric, but sometimes they don't like to stick very well.

I also felt like since I was going through the trouble of making a reusable bag, it would be nice to have a reusable tag option too! Not only is it better for the environment to avoid something single-use, it saves money over the long run. Some of these ideas cost more than others, but there is a good mix, and I bet you have some of these things in your craft supplies already.

Plain Paper Gift Tags

Let's start with the simplest idea, plain paper gift tags! This is what I used last Christmas for our gifts. I wrote the names on the tag and safety pinned the tags directly to the drawstring bags. They didn't see much wear, so I saved them to use again. Any tags will do!

DIY Paper Gift Tags

A great way to use what you already have on hand is to make paper tags! I made mine with my Cricut Maker* and some double-sided scrapbook paper. You could make a template and cut them out by hand, or invest in a tag punch. I was pretty tempted by this one: Fiskars Tag Maker*.

Laminated Paper Gift Tags

If you want to take your paper tags up a notch and make them a bit sturdier, you can laminate them before writing on them. This adds versatility too, since you're not permanently writing on the tag. I found these tags at Marshalls.

If you have a laminating machine or have access to one, use that! I don't, so I tried out these self-sealing laminating sheets by Scotch*. I think the results are great! It didn't take much effort, and I was able to cut the sheet down before using it, so the waste was minimal.

Follow the instructions included with the sheets to laminate. I went slowly and used a square ruler to press out any bubbles as I went. Afterwards I used a bone folder to go around all the edges and make sure they were all sealed up.

Once the tags are laminated, you'll need to use a hole punch (I used one that is slightly smaller than standard size) to make a new hole. I trimmed away the extra laminated material with a rotary cutter (my dedicated craft/paper one), but a pair of scissors works well too. Then attach your string or a safety pin.

Now you can write on them with dry erase marker and wipe it away when you're done!

Chalkboard Gift Tags

Another similar idea is to use little chalkboard tags! I found these particular ones at JoAnn fabrics in the woodcraft section, but I've seen them at other craft stores, and I think Target. You could also make some of your own using chalkboard paint. I wrote on mine with a bistro chalk marker*, but regular chalk works great too! I was a little skeptical that the pen would erase well, but it came right off with a damp cloth.

Ornament Gift Tags

If you're planning to use your bags just amongst your family and don't need specific to/from tags, consider a cute little object to mark your bags. You could use small ornaments, charms, buttons, etc. I picked up a box of small plastic ornaments in a variety of colors. I can assign each family member a color and use those ornaments to mark their gifts!

Growing up we often had special wrapping paper that was used for one specific person at the holidays. You could do something similar with the bags, assigning each person a different fabric or color. This would be a great choice if you happen to have yardage of a few prints.

To attach the tags to each bag, I used either a safety pin or string. You could even attach a safety pin to the string! For tags with just string I put it onto one of the drawstrings before tying them up in a bow. A safety pin could be pinned anywhere on the fabric or ties.

I hope this tutorial gave you some ideas for tagging your gifts, whether they're wrapped in a drawstring bag or not! Personally, I think it feels good to reuse things, so this is another way to make my holiday gift giving more eco-friendly. I can't wait to see the bags you make! Please share them with me on instagram @jenib320 + #lineddrawstringbag or via email (jenib320 @

Happy Sewing!

*Note: Any links marked with an asterisk in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click through and buy something, I make a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

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Friday, November 26, 2021

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Happy Sewing!

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Present Quilt Block Drawstring Bag Free Tutorial

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Happy Wednesday, and welcome to the second week of the Lined Drawstring Bag Sew Along! This week I'm very excited to share a tutorial for a present quilt block bag! I'll be updating the Sew Along Page each week with all the posts so that you can easily catch up or reference these posts after the sew along ends!

I hope you'll sew along with us! Sew from the tutorial or the patterns:
Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial
Lined Drawstring Bag Pattern
Lined Drawstring Bag Expansion Pattern

I drew a sketch of this bag a few years ago, but never got around to making it. This year when I was narrowing down ideas for the sew along, I knew it was finally time to try bringing it to life! This is a variation for the "Everything" size, which is the same as the tutorial size. One side of the Exterior Main will be pieced with patchwork, which looks like a present when a bow is stitched to it! I think this bag is adorable and would be great for gift-giving all year round!

If you're not sure where to start in terms of choosing fabrics, here are some tips. I started by choosing the present background, which is the wrapping paper. This is a good place to use a fun, multicolored, patterned fabric. From there I picked out a simple blender print for the present tie fabric to coordinated. For the Exterior Main, I went with a solid, so that the present really pops! Finally a simple dot for the Exterior Accent and Interior. For more tips on choosing fabrics for drawstring bags, see this post from last year's Sew Along: Tips for Choosing Fabrics for Drawstring Bags

Sewing Level: Beginner Friendly
Finished size: Approx. 10" tall, 7" wide, 3" deep

Present Quilt Block Lined Drawstring Bag Materials:
- 3 Fat quarters (18"x21")*
- 1 Fat eighth for present background
- 1/8 yard for present tie
- 2 yards of 1/2" twill tape, or 1/8 yd fabric
- Coordinating thread
- Handstitching needle
- Acrylic ruler
- Large safety pin
- Water soluble pen

*This tutorial is written for using a non-directional fabric for the Exterior Main.

Looking for supplies? Check out my Pattern Supplies and Resources post.

Present Quilt Block Lined Drawstring Bag Cutting:
From Exterior Main Fabric:
- Cut (1) 9”x10.5” piece
- Cut (2) 3"x5.5" side pieces
- Cut (1) 1.5"x10.5" top piece
- Cut (1) 3"x10.5" bottom piece

From Present Background Fabric:
- Cut (2) 2.5"x5.5" pieces

From Present Tie Fabric:
- Cut (1) 1.5"x5.5" strip
- Cut (2) 1.5"x21" strips

From Exterior Accent Fabric:
- Cut (1) 4”x21” strip
- Subcut into (2) 4”x10.5” pieces

From Interior Fabric:
- Cut (1) 12.5”x21” strip
- Subcut into (2) 12.5”x10.5” pieces

If using fabric for ties:
- Cut (2) 32”x2” strips

If using twill for ties:
- Cut (2) 32" pieces

Present Quilt Block Lined Drawstring Bag Instructions:
*Use a 1/4” seam allowance unless otherwise noted*

1. Before constructing the bag, we first need to make the pieced Exterior Main piece.

The present part of the Exterior Main is made of two 2.5"x5.5" present background pieces and one 1.5"x5.5" present tie fabric strip. Arrange them as shown above. Sew strips tigether along the long edges. Press seams open.

2. Sew the two 3"x5.5" side Exterior Main pieces to either side of the present block. Press seams open.

3. Sew the 1.5"x10.5" top Exterior Main piece to the top edge of the block. Press seams open.

4. Sew the 3"x10.5" bottom Exterior Main piece to the bottom edge of the block. Press seams open.

Refer to the free tutorial or the everything size in the lined drawstring bag pattern. Follow steps 1-8, then return to this tutorial.

5. To make the present tie, place two 1.5"x21" present tie strips right sides together. Sew along all four sides, leaving a few inches unsewn for turning. Turn tie right sides out, press well. Topstitch around all four sides, closing the opening. Carefully tie into a neat bow.

If you'd like, you could make the ends of the ties pointed or rounded. Trim to shape before sewing them together.

6. Turn bag right sides out. Handstitch the bow to the top of the present, using the opening in the interior of the bag to reach the wrong wide of the bag exterior.

For the remaining bag construction, refer back to the free tutorial or the everything size in the lined drawstring bag pattern.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I can't wait to see the bags you make! Please share them with me on instagram @jenib320 + #lineddrawstringbag or via email (jenib320 @

Happy Sewing!

2021 Sew Along: Lined Drawstring Bags I'm Planning to Make

Monday, November 22, 2021

Happy Monday! With the Lined Drawstring Bag Sew Along well underway, I thought I'd share a bit about the bags I'm planning to make!

Last year I focused mainly on making an advent calendar. This year, instead of making one big project, I'm focusing on making a good stash of bags for gift wrapping. Almost all of my holiday bags are the "everything size" (same as the tutorial size). This year I'm going to make some larger sizes and a handful of small sizes from the pattern to to fill out my stash! I also used up almost all of my holiday fabrics back in 2019 when I made my Christmas Two by Four Quilt. So, I treated myself to some new holiday fabrics (from Stash Fabrics, here is their Christmas section) last month, and that's what I'm basing most of my bags around!

First up, I had to pick up this nutcracker and string light fabrics from Holiday Classics by Rifle Paper Co. I'm not usually big on metallics on fabric, but for Christmas I sometimes can't resist! I think this is going to be either a project or artist size bag. I'll probably use a matching solid for the lining.

This fabric pull is going to become another present block bag (I'm sharing this tutorial on Wednesday this week!). It features the garland print from Peppermint by Dana Willard. I tried to pull a slightly less Christmas-y color palette for this one.

This will probably be an artist size bag. The tree print is also from Peppermint by Dana Willard. I'll probably use the pink fabric as the lining and the blue as the accent. We'll see!

I haven't quite figured this bag out yet. I may use one of these options or none! I just love this cat fabric. It's from Meowy & Bright by Dear Stella. It will either be a project or artist size bag.

The next two bags will probably both be laundry size! I got some larger cuts on sale, so I've got enough! I love this cute print from Flurry by Ruby Star Society. For the accent I'm hoping to use up the rest of this print from an old Cotton and Steel collection.

Another large cut destined to become a laundry size bag. This Alison Glass print from her Holiday collection is adorable. Using one of her blenders for the accent seemed like a sensible choice!

A few years ago my Mom gave me this Cozy Christmas Panel by Lori Holt. I couldn't figure out what to use it for, so I decided this year I'm going to use it to make a bunch of tiny bags! I made a lot of tiny bags last year for the advent, but I have none for gift wrapping. Should be a good way to use it up.

Last but not least! My order from Stash Fabrics was tied up with this scrap of Love at Frost Sight by August Wrens. It's too cute to let it go to waste! So I'll use it in a bag somehow. Either a tiny size bag or perhaps in some patchwork on a larger bag.

I'll be making other bags for the sew along too, but these are my personal plans. If you want more information on the Sew Along and how to join in, see the schedule post. I'd love to see what bags you plan to make! Share them with me on instagram @jenib320 + #lineddrawstringbag or via email (jenib320 @ I'll be back on Wednesday with a new tutorial!

Happy Sewing!