Friday Favorites 37

Friday, September 23, 2022

Happy Friday! It's time for another Friday Favorites post! Catch up on previous posts here: Friday Favorites Archives

- I recently repurposed a cute planter as a little trash can on my sewing table. Perfect for containing trimmings and threads!

- I took a Skillshare class this week: Bullet Journaling: Life Management for Creatives by Dylan Mierzwinski. It was really inspiring and I immediately started my own bullet journal! (You can get a free month of Skillshare by using my link, if you're interested!)

- These Halloween drawstring bags that Sarah made with my Lined Drawstring Bag Pattern are so cute!

- I bought fabric! In person, at a new-to-me fabric shop here in CT, Cate's Sew Modern. I've bought so little fabric this year, I didn't want to go overboard. It was a super cute shop, I'll be back for sure!

- This logcabin quilt top by JB is what vintage sheet dreams are made of!

- This lone star quilt by Coulter Fussell made "entirely of thrown away/discarded/donated/used fabric, threads and notions" is incredible.

- It was our 7th wedding anniversary this week! We celebrated with a special dinner out. (photo by Dennis Crider)

- I want to try out this cute heart mani.

- This video on Midwest pot luck salads had me cackling!

- Sweet, sleepy kitty.

Have a Great Weekend!

Finished: Floral Chain Patchwork Quilt

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Happy Wednesday! I have a finished quilt to share, hooray! This quilt has been a long term work in progress (WIP), so it feels extra good to get it done and give it a proper post.

I started this quilt back in the summer of 2018. I originally intended it to be made with only green fabrics. I cut tons of green strips and the plan was to use low-volume prints with the green to make a simple irish chain quilt. Well the fabrics sat untouched after I cut out most of the quilt. I pulled it out a few times over the years, but it wasn't until summer of 2021 that I really started to work on it! By that point I decided to go back to the drawing board, because I wasn't as excited about my original design choices.

Find previous posts about this quilt here: July 2021, August 2021, September 2021.

I ended up deciding to add some pops of color to give a little more interest! I stuck with the irish chain design for the most part, but used the color pops of turquoise and purple to create a secondary design. This change wasn't without it's hiccups. I managed to sew all the green nine-patch blocks with the green and low volume print in the wrong spots! Nothing a little seam ripping couldn't fix. Since the green parts of the quilt were so scrappy, I also decided to choose a single low-volume print to pair with it. I used a print from my Dreamin' Vintage* collection.

Not only did I change the design of the quilt last year, but I also decided to make it bigger! I am really glad I did! The finished quilt is 66"x78".

I love love love the print I used for the back of this quilt. I have been saving it for years! It's from Luxe in Bloom* by Sarah Watson. I'm so glad to get this cut of fabric out of my stash and into a project. Feels good. It was the perfect match for this project, which feels even better!

I've managed to end up with a surplus of Quilter's Dream Orient Batting*, so that's what I used for this quilt. It gives it a lovely drape!

The quilting was done by Katie Gouwens of Autumn Moon Quilting, and she did a fabulous job! I choose the design "065. Agate" from her catalog. I love to pair organic quilting designs with geometric quilt patterns. I feel like it helps soften up all the straight lines a bit.

I bound the quilt in a print from Nordika*, the same print I used on the quilt top. I remembered to use one of my woven labels again!

I am thrilled with how this quilt turned out. I think adding in those pops of color really made it special. It helps take it beyond just simple patchwork (not that there is anything wrong with that!). Mostly, I'm just so happy it is done. I think I've put it on my goals list to complete every year since I started it. It's always nice to cross a WIP off the list!

Pattern: Personal pattern (if there is interest, I'm happy to write it up!)
Fabrics: Stash, Dreamin' Vintage*, Luxe in Bloom*, Nordika*
Quilting: Autumn Moon Quilting

Happy Quilting!

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Friday Favorites 36

Friday, September 16, 2022

Happy Friday! It's time for another Friday Favorites post! Catch up on previous posts here: Friday Favorites Archives

- We went pear picking over the weekend! I don't think I had ever even seen a pear tree before then, they were so pretty. I want to try making this recipe with pears. We make dutch baby's so much I have our regular recipe memorized, but I like the idea of baking fruit right into it!

- The artwork in this picture book* looks adorable!

- How beautiful is this quilt by my friend Erika? She used this free pattern from Tilda to make it.

- The Expanse Quilt Pattern is now available in print! You can find it in my online shop here.

- It's that time of year, time to order calendars! I ordered this one* for Michael's side of our office.

- These Halloween blocks by Sarah make me want to use black as a background in a quilt!

- We made these cauliflower toastadas for dinner this week and they were a hit! We topped them with our favorite cashew queso.

- I have to give a shoutout to our blender*. We never had a powerful blender until we picked this one up this past May. We have used it SO much, and it's been awesome. I love the auto-clean mode to safely clean the blades. I use it to make smoothies, muffins, and the queso!

- I love this patchwork shower curtain by Sarah Gagnon, such pretty colors.

- Dusty kitten has been so snuggly lately. It makes me happy!

Have a Great Weekend!

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Summer Indigo Dyeing

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

I mentioned in my last post that I had done some indigo dyeing recently and I thought I'd share more of that dye session today. I wasn't originally intending to, but I've always documented all my dyeing here, so it didn't seem right to gloss over it without a proper post! Especially since I haven't done much dyeing the last few years!

The main reason I wanted to dye this summer was to dye some pieces of lawn fabric for a quilt. I used Cambridge Cotton Lawn* for these pieces. I've dyed lawn many times over the years, but have used very little of it. They are some of my favorite pieces I've made, the lawn takes the dye so well! I originally meant to use it for clothing, but that just never happened. So now my plan is to make an all lawn indigo quilt! I only needed to dye about 2 yards worth to have enough for the quilt.

If you're interested in trying out indigo dyeing check out my tutorial: DIY Indigo Dyeing

If you've ever dyed with indigo, you'll know it's more fun with friends! Last year I did some ice dyeing with our neighbor and her daughter so I thought they might be game to try indigo, and they were! We made a day of it and dyed all kinds of things: fabric, tea towels, t-shirts, and even a sweatshirt and jeans. A big thanks to my neighbor for most of the in-action photos in this post! :)

We used these indigo dyeing kits*. They make it so easy!

Introducing people to indigo dyeing in particular is so fun because it's a pretty magical experience. When you first pull the pieces from the dye vat, they're neon green! Slowly over about 20 mintues the dye oxidizes and turns deep blue.

Unwrapping the resisted pieces is like opening little presents. You don't know what you're going to get! Still so fun, even though I've been doing this for about 10 years!

It was a very successful dye day! The weather was perfect and we all came away with pieces we liked.

I tried dyeing a pair of really light wash jeans that I had picked up on clearance last month. I couldn't get them quite dark enough for my taste (even after a few dips), so I did end up overdyeing them with RIT dye. But it was a fun experiment!

Here are the pieces we made with shape resists! The one with the circles was made with plexi circles* by Rossie Hutchinson.. Rossie created a coupon code (Jeni20) to use through the end of September to save 20% off her itajme shapes in her shop*.

Here are my four pieces of lawn, and after you can see them each alonside the resisted fabric:

Fabric was scrunched into big messy balls and then resisted with rubber bands.

Accordion folded into a square and secured with circle resists and clamps.

Long skinny tucks of different sizes tucks secured with several rubber bands each.

Accordion folded into a rectangle and secured loosely with twine.

I love to use white sheets as drop cloths when dyeing because then they become a bit of a magical dyed piece too! This sheet has seen some ice dyeing and some indigo!

Happy Making!

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