American Patchwork & Quilting Podcast

Monday, February 26, 2018

Happy Monday! I'm excited to be a guest on Pat Sloan's podcast, American Patchwork & Quilting Radio, today! It will be live at 4:00pm EST (find your time zone here), and will be available to listen afterwards here. We'll be chatting about lots of crafty things, I hope you'll tune in.

If you're new to In Color Order, welcome! I hope you'll take a look around. Here are a few things we'll talk about in the episode and some reader favorites to get you started:

Modern House Quilt

How to Track Your Fabric and Yarn Yardage

Note: Fabric above is Daisy Chain by Annabel Wrigley.

DIY: Sewing Room Scrap Rug

Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Art of Choosing: Creative Fabric Selection

Safe Sewing: Crafting with Arthritis

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DIY: Sewing Room Scrap Rug

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

I was having a hard time picking a rug to use in my new sewing room, when I came across these TÅNUM runners at Ikea (Sadly discontinued, but replaced with the Rangstrup). They're made using leftover fabric (scraps!), from their bed linen collections. I loved the idea that they were made from scraps, and figured they'd be good at hiding threads and trimmings. Plus they're sort of low-volume! The only problem is the two available sizes (2'4"x5'x11" and 2'0"x2'11") were much too small for my room.

Then I remembered this idea I saw on Apartment Therapy a few years ago, where someone had taken smaller rugs and stitched them together to create one big rug. I decided to try that! I took some photos of how exactly I made my rug to share too.

- Runners or other small rugs
- Cotton twine
- Metal darning needles
- Clips (I used Clover Wonder Clips)
- Scissors

1. Shop for your rugs. I used four runners* to create a rug that is 5'11"x9'x4". It's pretty close to a 9'x6' standard size, which meant it was easy to find a rug pad that was a good fit.

*I used the TÅNUM runners from Ikea, which have unfortunately been discontinued.

Take a measuring tape with you when you shop and measure each one to ensure they are the same size. My first trip I bought four just based on the colors, and then realized they vary some in length. A few returns and another trip later and I ended up with four runners that were mostly the same size.

2. Place the two rugs you're joining right sides together. Clip the rugs together at each end. Find the center and place a clip. Continue to find the center between the clips until the whole length is clipped together. This allows you to slightly stretch the rugs and ease them together if one is a little longer than the other.

3. Cut a long length of cotton twine, knotting one end. Leave a tail around 5" long so that it can easily be woven in when you're finished.

4. Using a whipstitch, begin sewing the two rugs together along the edge. Don't pull the stitches too tight, you want the seam to be able to lay flat when you're finished. I found this method easier than trying to do it with both rugs flat.

5. When you run out of twine, make a knot and thread a new length. Continue stitching until you're done. Weave loose ends into the back of the rugs before trimming.

6. Pull the rugs flat and smooth with your hands. A good steam can also help relax the seams flat. I use this steamer, it's great for steaming wrinkles out of quilts too.

I'll admit, there a few spots where my seams are a bit lumpy, but I'm hopeful that they will relax with time. I'm really happy with the end result. I only spent $60 on the runners I used for this rug, which is pretty hard to beat considering the finished size of approx. 9'x6'!

Happy Crafting!

January Monthly Report

Monday, February 12, 2018

Happy February! It's time for January's monthly report. See past reports here.

This month has really gotten away from me! How is it already the 12th? The month is almost half over already. Things have been busy over here, but for fun reasons. At the end of January we had some great friends visit for a weekend and then my Mom came to visit last week! That's pushed me to work on a few more house projects, but has kept me from my machine.

It was great to explore our new city a bit more. We ended up at Sleep Giant state park, and also checked out the New Haven beach and lighthouse.

I've slowly set up more of my sewing room, and have finally been reunited with my Janome 1600P. It took an unfortunate fall when I was packing up in Madison and needed a part replaced, plus a good cleaning and tune-up. I love sewing on my singer featherweight, but I'm glad my regular machine is back!

I did do some sewing last month! I stitched up this little drawstring bag to wrap up a gift. Total comfort sewing for me. (Fabrics are from Tsuru by Rashida Coleman-Hale, and my Geometric Bliss collection)

I also made some progress on my log cabin project I shared a few weeks ago. I love these fabrics and am hoping to continue to make progress on this last month. (Fabrics are Wonderland by Momo)

To keep myself accountable for my stash goals, I'm tracking my yardage for fabric and yarn each month. Read more about how I track my here. Here is how I did in January:

January Fabric
Used up: 1.25 yards
Brought in: 0 yards
Net: -1.25 yards
Year to date: -1.25 yards

January Yarn
Used up: 0 yards
Brought in: 218 yards
Net: +218 yards
Year to date: +218 yards

Only a little activity this month. I stitched up a drawstring bag and I also made a couple of draft stoppers for the exterior doors. Nothing fancy, but that's okay!

I have been checking out thrift stores when I come across them and have had a bit of luck! Here are the vintage sheets I've found so far. Was very excited about the red floral sheet (red is very hard to come by), and the second one from the bottom I found still in the package.

I had to share these super cute donut Tsum Tsums I picked up at Target. How cute?!

And last but not least, George bunny taking a bath!

Have a great month!