Patchwork Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Patchwork Drawstring Bag Tutorial |
Happy Wednesday! Last week I came to the realization that I had never made a patchwork version of my lined drawstring bags. For as much as I love patchwork, this is ridiculous! So, I had to remedy that immediately, and I took a few photos along the way so I could share a mini tutorial with you! Are you ready to patchworkify some bags?

Patchwork Drawstring Bag Tutorial |  
*For additional sizes and custom sizing check out the pattern version here.

Patchwork Drawstring Bag Tutorial |
I'm going to show how to do this on the Everything Size bag (the tutorial size), but it's totally adaptable for the pattern sizes too. Just piece squares together (whatever size you like) until your pieces are slightly larger than the Exterior Main pieces and cut down to size.  You could experiment with improv piecing, or even use up orphaned blocks! There are lots of possibilities.

For my bag I used fabrics from my Color Me Retro collection and one of the new Squared Elements by Art Gallery Fabrics.

Patchwork Drawstring Bag Tutorial |
Sewing Level: Beginner

- (45) 2.5" squares
- 1/3 yard of SF101 Woven Fusible Interfacing
+ additional materials to finish the bag according to tutorial or pattern 

Patchwork Drawstring Bag Tutorial |
*Use a 1/4" seam allowance unless otherwise noted.*

1. Sew squares together into a single piece, 5 squares wide by 9 squares tall.  Press seams in each row in a single direction, alternating direction every other row.  Piece rows together, press seams open.

2. Cut interfacing to the size of the piece and apply interfacing to the back according to manufacturer's instructions. Press well from the top.

Patchwork Drawstring Bag Tutorial |
3. Starting from one of the short edges, measure and cut a 9"x10.5" piece.

Patchwork Drawstring Bag Tutorial |
4. Starting from the opposite short edge, measure and cut a second 9"x10.5" piece.

Patchwork Drawstring Bag Tutorial |
5. Sew the accent pieces to the clean top edges and match up the trimmed edges.

Cutting the pieces this way ensures that the intact patchwork will be near the top, and the trimmed edges will be hidden on the bottom of the bag.

Patchwork Drawstring Bag Tutorial |
Finish bag according to tutorial or pattern instructions. 

Happy Sewing!


  1. Such a pretty bag! And a fab way to use up scraps :)

  2. Awesome. I have made oodles of your bags and this is a great option.

  3. I absolutely love this. This would be an adorable gift for some little girls birthday presents!


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