Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Curiosities Knitting Bag

Happy Wednesday! This week I wanted to share with you a recent gifted project! I wanted to make something for my friend Lei, and I remembered that she always brought her knitting over in a reusable shopping bag. I thought she could use a dedicated knitting bag, which would be a little more functional and cuter too!

I pulled out one of my friend Christina's older patterns, Amanda's Knitting Bag. I've had the pattern printed for ages, but never got around to make it. It's named after our mutual friend Amanda, as the pattern sample was a gift for her. This seemed like the perfect bag to make for Lei!

I chose to use a natural linen for the main body of the bag, like Christina's original bag. I chose a couple of prints from Curiosities and a bright zipper to finished it off!

I love all the little details in this bag that make it perfect for a knitter. There are pockets for a pattern, knitting needles, yarn, and all the notions too! The little peeks of the interior fabric are really sweet. And the tiny zipper pocket are great for small notions like scissors and stitch markers!

I saved the Splendiferous Warm print for the main interior of the bag, since it's so bold and colorful! It's a great surprise when you open up the bag!

I filled up the bag with yarn, and some handy knitting notions! There is room for a large project or a few smaller ones. The short handles make it easy to hang the bag on a door handle or travel with! Now I want to make one of these bags for myself!

Happy Sewing and Knitting!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Geometric Bliss Triangularity Quilt

Happy Wednesday! I have a quilt finish to share today, WOO! Last month I finally got around to stitching up one of my nearly a year in the making Triangularity quilt. I cut this quilt out almost immediately after receiving my Geometric Bliss yardage last October. The triangles sat for a long time, and I worked on it a little at a time throughout this year. I let it sit so long, that by the time I was putting the rows together I had forgotten that I cut enough triangles for a Full/Queen vs. a Throw! I did a little ripping and got back on track. I should have taken better notes!

I'm excited to have another quilt made in this collection. There are so many of my favorite colors in this collection: orchid, mint, turquoise, coral, peach, gold/green, red orange, black/white! 

This quilt is quite big at 91" square! As I mentioned this is the Full/Queen size from my Triangularity Quilt Pattern. This uses the included triangle size, and uses half-yard cuts. The pattern has four additional sizes, plus instructions/math for creating your own custom quilt!

I sent this quilt over to Melissa of Sew Shabby Quilting for the quilting. With all the geometric prints and the triangle shapes of the piecing, I wanted to keep the quilt design geometric too. The Crackle pattern fit the bill. It gives the quilt a really interesting texture, it's super cool in person!

I struggled a bit to decide on a binding fabric, so I asked Instagram! I ended up going with a Verve Violet and a dash of Empire Yellow (both are Pure Elements solids). Since the front has so much going on, using solids seemed like the best choice. I also wanted the binding to coordinate well with the backing, since I actually pieced it!

For the backing, I used a black and white script print from Minimalista plus the Cuboid Orchid print from Geometric Bliss. I didn't have enough of the main backing print, so I stretched it with the purple, creating this semi-wonky plus. Makes it kind of two-sided!

I'm so happy to add another large quilt to my collection. I was talking to Jacey last week and we agreed that we never regret making a quilt too big, but we often wish we'd made quilts larger. I have a lot of quilts around 60"x80" or smaller, but not many big enough for our bed. Now I have another to add to that list! Yay!

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Catch Up

How is it already the second week of August? This summer is flying by! Somehow I managed to take a little bit of a mini break from blogging. I felt like I used up all my content last month. I am mostly behind on taking photos of things. I'm expecting that posting will be pretty sporadic over the next month or so. With summer winding down and our wedding quickly approaching, I'm trying to relax a little. I have been planning lots of sewing projects though, including a couple new quilts!

New Projects
One of those quilts is one using Leah Duncan's Morning Walk collection. I love the colors and prints in this collection, I think it's my favorite of Leah's! I chose a minty solid for the background to mix things up!

Geometric Bliss Triangularity Quilt
Last month my giant Triangularity quilt came home from being quilted by Melissa. I made the binding this week and am just waiting for a cool enough day to bind it up.

Knit Linden
I carved out some time the past weekend to make a lightweight knit version of the Linden Sweatshirt by Grainline Studio. I have to admit, I wasn't sure how much I'd like a light sweatshirt, but it is SO comfy. It's going to get lots of wear especially this Fall. For this first one I used the Firefly Jar Dark knit from Curiosities. Now I'm scheming a few more lightweight versions. I love this pattern!

As a maker it has been a constant back and forth about what to DIY for our upcoming wedding. At first I was tempted to do everything, but since we'll only be home a few days before the event, and it's a lot of work and stress to do everything yourself, I came to my senses early on. I chose only a few things to make, including designing the stationary and making bunting. Of course I had to make bunting! I'm thankful that I was able to finish it up last month, yay!

Paper Piecing
I am teaching three new classes at The Sewcial Lounge this Fall: Foundation Paper Piecing, English Paper Piecing, and Rotary Cutting Basics. For more information about each class and to register, go here.

Antique Mall Finds
Michael and I made a trip out to the Columbus Antique Mall a few weekend's ago. I managed to find a few goodies!

George bunny sweet! He is just so cute :)

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Half-Square Triangle Pincushion Tutorial

Happy Tuesday! I am happy to share another tutorial featuring Curiosities with you today! As you may know, I love pincushions. I also happen to love half-square triangles (HSTs). So when faced with scraps and a need for a quick and easy project, I put those two loves together and made these fun pincushions! The HSTs are small, but not so small that they’re hard to piece. Just tiny enough to be extra cute!

Curiosities Quilt Market Booth
I made two, because why not! The first uses two pink prints from the Sweet Finds colorway. The second uses two prints from the Fresh Encounters color way. I backed both pincushions with coordinating Art Gallery Elements. The small prints and small HSTs give these a sweet vintage feel. As usual, I filled my pincushions with crushed walnut shells (lizard litter). You can find it at most pet stores. This also lets them double as pattern weights, bonus!

Curiosities by Jeni Baker  
Sewing Level: Beginner

- 2 fat eighths for pincushion top (Fabric A and B)
- 6.5" scrap for pincushion backing
- Coordinating thread
- Marking pen/chalk
- Pincushion filling of choice (I use crushed walnut shells)
- Hand sewing needle

From each Fabric A:
Cut (8) 2.5" squares

From each Fabric B:
Cut (8) 2.5" squares

From Backing Fabric:
Cut (1) 6.5" square

Finished Size: 6" square

*Use a 1/4'' seam allowance unless otherwise noted*

1. Make half-square triangles: Using a marking pen, draw a diagonal line across the wrong side of all Fabric A squares. Place one square on top of a Fabric B square right sides together. Sew 1/4” on either side of the marked line. Cut square in half on the line you marked. Press seams open. Repeat with remaining squares. Trim all half-square triangles to 2” square.

2. Arrange half-square triangles in four rows of four as shown in the diagram above. Sew units together in each row. Press seams in one direction, alternating direction every other row. Sew rows together, press seams open.

3. Place pincushion top right sides together with pincushion backing. Sew around all four sides, leaving a small opening in the middle of one side.

4. Turn pincushion right sides out, pushing out the corners with a full pencil or turning tool. Fill pincushion with desired filling. Hand stitch the opening closed.

Voila! You're done!

BONUS: You can make an even tinier version (3" square finished) with just four HSTs like I did for these pincushions! You'll only need two 2.5" squares of each fabric, trim them to 2", and use a 3.5" square for the backing.  

If you make something using this pattern, I hope you'll share it in the In Color Order Flickr Group or using the #jenibaker hashtag on Instagram!

If you're a shop interested in carrying Curiosities, it can be ordered through Art Gallery Fabrics.  Find your sales rep here, call toll-free (888) 420-5399, or visit

Friday, July 24, 2015


1. Rainbow Plus Quilt- large print fabricsTheMakingsOfJoy, 2. Glowing Star Pillow, 3. Charity quilt 2, 4. Totem Quilt, 5. Molehills Complete Top, 6. T-Act II, 7. front of Carousel Too, 8. Riddle and {Whimsy} AMH Charm Along 1, 9. Tuck Everlasting bound and completed. We'll see how she goes through the wash...��

Every two weeks I go through my favorite photos on Flickr, and choose nine sewing/quilting related projects to showcase here. These photos and projects are not my own, you can find the original images and creators by clicking the coordinating links! If for any reason you do not want your project featured here, please email me and I'll remove it!

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Just Today Free Printables

Happy Wednesday! I'll try to keep things short today, but I wanted to share a printable with you! A few months ago I listened to a really interesting TEDx talk by Andie Mitchell about losing weight (video of her talk can be found at the bottom of this post). I don't remember how I came across it, but I really enjoyed it. In particular her experience trying to break old habits and make new ones. She'd find herself easily overwhelmed with the thought of having to make those changes permanent. In relation to her weight loss, imagining never being able to eat a doughnut or pizza again in order to meet her goals. This was overwhelming and in turn caused her to get off track.

I have felt this way a lot when trying to change. I have bit my cuticles since I was a kid and have been trying to break the habit for years. Same with trying to eat healthier. I do okay for a week or a few days and then I fall off the wagon and eat my emotions, or I get overwhelmed thinking about having to eat well everyday.

One of the things that Andi discusses in her talk that really made sense to me is the idea of "Just Today". It urges you to think about one day at a time. Can I eat healthy "just today"? Can I stop biting my cuticles "just today"? It's so much easier to think about doing something for one day. If you've watched the Netflix comedy The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (if you haven't, you should, it's hilarious), take things 10 seconds at a time. Can I handle this for 10 seconds? Yes, I can!

Anyways, the sentiment really stuck with me and I just think it's a nice thing to think about. Just for today, be the best you can be. Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. To remind myself of this idea everyday, I made a pretty printable poster using the Firefly Jar prints from Curiosities. I wanted to share those with you too!

Just Today in Orange.

Just Today in Yellow.

Just Today in Blue.

Just Today in Navy.

Download all four here! Enjoy!

 Have a great day!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Emmy Grace Magic Stars Quilt

Happy Monday! I am excited to share a recent quilt finish with you all today! I started this quilt last summer, so I am glad that it’s finally done!

I have loved Aneela Hoey’s Magic Stars quilt (pattern here!) ever since she released it. When Bari J and I swapped some fabric last summer, I knew I had found the perfect match! The top stitched up so quickly, but then I let it sit for a while. I sent it along with some other tops to Melissa of Sew Shabby Quilting to be quilted in the Fall. Then it sat waiting to be bound until last month! I had shown the quilt top to my Mom last year, and she really liked it. So, I finished it up last month for her Birthday! She has a nice quilt ladder that needs filling up with pretty quilts!

I added one extra row (six extra blocks) to this quilt to make it just a tad bigger. It was fun laying out all the pieces before piecing to make sure I had a good variety in my blocks. I’m sure I spent way more time on that than was needed, haha. I tend to get a little obsessive about that part. Oh well!

I used the Autumn’s Sigh colorway from Emmy Grace plus a few additional Art Gallery Elements for this quilt. The backing and binding are both from Coquette by Art Gallery In-House. I've been saving both prints for a while! Melissa quilted it with this fun clamshell design. I think it pairs well with Bari’s style!

My Mom (and Blackie), were happy with the finished quilt! I loved stitching it up, and I know I’ll make another one at some point. This was a great just-for-fun project. I need to start another quilt just because!

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Abundance Free Quilt Pattern
Today I'm happy to share the free quilt pattern I designed for Curiosities, Abundance! The AGF team stitched it up in the Sweet Finds colorway! It uses just ten fat quarters and a little over two yards of solid fabric. I paired Curiosities with Pure Element White Linen for this quilt along with Nocturnal for the binding!

The blocks go together with a bit of strip piecing fun! I love making these kinds of blocks, I hope you enjoy it too!

Quilt photos by Art Gallery Fabrics.
You can find the instructions to make this quilt below, or if you'd rather you can find it as a PDF here. For all the Art Gallery Fabrics free quilt patterns, check this page.

Sewing Level: Intermediate

- 10 fat quarters of print fabrics*
- 2 1/4 yards solid fabric
- 68"x83" piece of batting
- 4 yards of backing fabric
- 1/2 yard of binding fabric
- Coordinating thread

*Minimum amount needed. Feel free to use additional fabrics for more variety. Piece totals are included below for cutting from scraps. Be sure to use pairs of strips to achieve block design.

Finished size: 60"x75"
Finished block size: 7.5"
Width of Fabric (WOF) = 42" assumed
Fat Quarter =  18"x21"

From each print fat quarter*:
- Cut (12) 3"x6" strips
- Cut (4) 3"x8" strips

*Refer to above diagram for cutting layout.

From background fabric:
 - Cut (26) 3"xWOF strips
- Subcut (18) strips into a total of (120) 3"x6" strips
- Subcut (8) strips into a total of (40) 3"x8" strips

Total print 3"x6" strips: 120
Total print 3"x8" strips: 40
Total solid 3"x6" strips: 120
Total solid 3"x8" strips: 40

Block A Construction:

*Use a 1/4" seam allowance throughout.*

1. Layout two print 3"x6" strips and one background 3"x6" strip as shown in the diagram, with the background strip in the middle.

2. Sew together along the long edges to form a single strip set. Press seams open.

3. Cut strip set in half into two 3"x8" pieces.

4. Arrange pieces with a 3"x8" background strip in the middle.

5. Sew together along the long edges to complete block. Press seams open.

Repeat steps 1-5 to create a total of 40 blocks, four from each print.

Block B Construction:

*Use a 1/4" seam allowance throughout.*

1. Layout two background 3"x6" strips and one print 3"x6" strip as shown in the diagram, with the print strip in the middle.

2. Sew together along the long edges to form a single strip set. Press seams open.

3. Cut strip set in half into two 3"x8" pieces.

4. Arrange pieces with a 3"x8" print strip in the middle.

5. Sew together along the long edges to complete block. Press seams open.

Repeat steps 1-5 to create a total of 40 blocks, four from each print.

Quilt Top Construction:

*Use a 1/4" seam allowance throughout.*

1. Arrange blocks in ten rows of eight blocks each. Alternate A and B blocks in each row (refer to the quilt diagram if necessary).

2. Sew blocks in each row together, press seams to one side, alternating direction every other row.

3. Sew rows together to complete quilt top, press seams open.

*Use a 1/4" seam allowance throughout.*

1. Prepare Backing: It’s good practice to cut your backing and batting at least 4” larger than your top on all four sides. I’ve included this overage in the backing yardage requirements. Cut your backing yardage in half. Press. Trim off the selvedges and sew your pieces together lengthwise. Press seam open.

2. Basting: Using masking or painter’s tape, tape the backing to a clean, hard surface, right side down. Spread out your batting on top of the backing. Smooth out any wrinkles. Carefully spread out your quilt top on top of the batting, right side up. Pin your top, I like to use curved safety pins, spacing the pins a few inches apart. Make sure that your pins are going through all three layers.

3. Quilting: Quilt as desired, by machine or by hand. Trim away excess batting and backing fabric.

4. Binding: Cut yardage listed for binding into 2.5” strips. Trim off selvedges and sew your strips together to form one long strip, press seams open. Fold in half lengthwise, pressing with your iron as you fold. Attach binding using your preferred method. For a detailed tutorial on attaching your binding to both sides by machine, see here.

Abundance looks pretty in the Fresh Encounters colorway too!
If you make a quilt using this pattern, I hope you'll share it in the In Color Order Flickr Group or using the #jenibaker hashtag on Instagram!

If you're a shop interested in carrying Curiosities, it can be ordered through Art Gallery Fabrics.  Find your sales rep here, call toll-free (888) 420-5399, or visit