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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy Tuesday!  I meant to squeeze a post in yesterday, but didn't end up having enough time! I'm up in Minnesota this week visiting Megan!  Excited to stitch, chat, shop, and dye fabric!

Regardless, I'm hoping to get a quick tutorial up for the pillow above this week!

I sewed up another lined drawstring bag (tutorial + pattern) this weekend, this time in reds from Color Me Retro!  It needed to be done!  Also, I need to order more twill tape, I'm all out of white!

I realized I hadn't shared this table runner that I made for the Color Me Retro video last month! I used blocks from my Vintage Nine-Patch Quilt Pattern and made a simple runner.  The background is Fresh Water Pure Element.

So, I happen to have some amazing friends.  Amazing, talented friends who make beautiful things! Two really sweet gifts arrived this month that really put giant smiles on my face.  This awesome Harry Potter pillow from Amanda is one of those things! We both have a certain fondness for the 3rd book in particular, and I just love this screenprint that she made.  It's so crazy professional looking! And how perfect is the patchwork and pom-pom trim to finish this pillow off?  It's so me!

If that weren't enough, look at the back.  This bit of embroidery is my favorite part! Thank you Amanda, I love it so much! We HAVE to do another Harry Potter swap this summer! :)

The other crazy wonderful awesome sweet thing that arrived this month was this bunny mini quilt from Jacey! Seriously, I totally cried when I opened it! It's George, on a quilt!! I love it so! It will have a place of honor on the bunny wall!  I think Jacey and Amanda conspired, these projects match each other in color!  Well, the probably just both know me too well, they are my favorite colors! Thank you Jacey, this mini blows my mind, I love it so much!  The paper-pieced bunny is from Ayumi's pattern, found here!

You know I had to do it.  George in a bowl on top of a quilt of George in a bowl.  You're welcome! ;)

Seriously though, how lucky am I?  I love having handmade things in our apartment to remind me of my caring and talented friends.  I will enjoy these things for a long time!

Today I love the..
Smell of: Cinnamon rolls
Sound of: Spongebob
Taste of: Diet coke
Sight of: Sunshine
Feel of: Warm quilt

Good Things about Today:
- Lots of sewing ahead!
- Cinnamon rolls for breakfast!
- Slept well!
- Feeling relaxed!


  1. Awesome friends! Please send George over for a cuddle!

  2. i am starting to dig the solid color background on quilts. and plus it's teal!

  3. Very cool! Where do you order your twill ribbon? I love it and it's perfect for your drawstring bag pattern (which I adore!!).

  4. you do have awesome friends. Love that the bunny and the project match

  5. Amanda did give me a little advice on the color. She knows you very well! It was so fun making a paper-pieced George. I love the pom poms and embroidery Amanda added to your pillow. So very fun!

    Have a wonderful time in Minnesota!

  6. Love all the projects and gifts ~ however, George stole the show! He is the cutest!

  7. Oh my goodness the rabbit mini quilt with George on top is too cute! And I love that throw pillow...such a good slogan for life :) I agree that you have awesome friends!

  8. Aw cute, thoughtful gifts from sewing friends are truly the best!!

  9. Jeni, that is a precious friend who would know how much you would love a portrait of George! This is awesome, something to be treasured forever!

  10. Oh my that is so adorable! And I finally made a friend who has a bunny which I'm excited about, cause every time you post a picture of George I get all sad to not have one!

  11. George is one patient and photogenic bunny! Congratulations on your fabric, it really is lovely.

  12. What special gifts!! I want that pillow and the quilt Jacey made is so amazing and perfect!! Lucky you!

  13. The mischief managed on the back just makes the pillow! I like the idea of hanging the runner! It's perfect for those skinny walls youre never sure what to do with!

  14. The more I see of Color Me Retro, the more I love it! I've ordered half yard or one yard cuts of the whole collection about a week ago and am waiting excitedly for their arrival!

    The pillow and mini quilt are amazing and really match so well! I love the pillow especially, Prisoner of Azkaban is my favourite Potter book as well and I love the use of prints, colours and trim! Such thoughtful gifts! :-)

  15. Yep, Thank You...George in a bowl is the cutest!!! I'm in love with your fabric line and especially the way it's used in the table runner and the drawstring bag. Great post today!

  16. I am sooooo happy that you love it! It was so much fun making it for you and this was my first patchworked pillow!!! and also my first time using pom-ponms!

  17. I just found your blog and I am so grateful that I did. I FINALLY found another blogger who is around my age with similar interests. sewing, baking and vintage kitchenware (oh my!).

    Well, It is wonderful to meet you and I'll be following along.

    Amanda Rose

  18. I love the bunny mini quilt! George is so cute, possibly even cuter when sitting in a bowl on the quilt :)


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