Drawstring Bag Add-on Zipper Pouch

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Drawstring Bag Add-on Zipper Pouch Tutorial - In Color Order
UPDATE 9/2020 - Unfortunately the tutorial referred to in this post is no longer available. I'm leaving the post up as originally written for my own record. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Happy Tuesday! I have something fun to share today! Jenelle Clark of Echinops & Aster has written a great tutorial for Imagine Gnats on how to add a zipper pouch to my Lined Drawstring Bag Pattern! The zipper pouch is on the inside of the bag, and separates it into two halves. Makes it easier to keep little things organized in it. She shares measurements for adding it to the Everything Bag (tutorial size), and walks you through the math to adapt to any of the sizes in the pattern.

Click here to be taken to the add-on tutorial.

Drawstring Bag Add-on Zipper Pouch Tutorial - In Color OrderDrawstring Bag Add-on Zipper Pouch Tutorial - In Color Order
I couldn't resist stitching one up this weekend! I made the Everything size, but will definitely be trying it out on the larger sizes too! Her instructions are really clear, and it's such a fun addition.

Drawstring Bag Add-on Zipper Pouch Tutorial - In Color Order
I used the new Maker fabric collection from Art Gallery In-House Studio for my bag. I love the colors in this collection, and the prints are really pretty. I added in the Honey Pure Element for the lining, and a zipper from Zipit, of course! I used the dark gray Aurifil 50wt thread from my thread collection to sew this bag.

Drawstring Bag Add-on Zipper Pouch Tutorial - In Color Order
A special thanks to Jenelle (and Rachael!), for featuring my pattern for this tutorial! I hope you'll try it out!

Happy Sewing!


SarahZ said...

How timely! I am planning on sewing up a drawstring bag today!!! Now if only I had a zipper! :)

Michele T said...

Love it!! Thanks for sharing a great idea!!

Sew of Course said...

That's a brilliant idea!

Jenelle said...

This is so fun! I really love this fabric collection, and particularly the prints you put together for the bag. Thanks again for letting me use your amazing pattern to make this tutorial!

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Oh wow, that is so cool! Your 'most useful bag, ever' just got more useful!

Carmen said...

YES! I love this idea and I always love making your drawstring bag. :)

Brenda said...

Perfect!!!!! This will be the ideal project bag for sock knitting. I love the fabrics you used, too. Thank you to you and the other ladies for this tutorial.

Anna said...

this is super cute :)


Maria said...

thank you it's very nice ;)

Colleen said...

The link for this tutorial is broken. Could it be fixed? I really need the tutorial to finish!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeni Baker said...

Colleen-I'm sorry, it looks like their site no longer exists! That's the only place I know of that ever hosted the tutorial. My apologies.