Halloween Nine-Patch Quilt

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Happy Saturday! Squeezing in one more Halloween project this month, another quilt! See the Halloween quilt I made last year, here.

I used a Lil Monsters bundle and added prints from past Halloween lines from Cotton and Steel to end up with twenty different prints. I was pretty immediately drawn to this collection, and didn't let it sit too long before chopping it up.

I cut nine (6") squares from each fat quarter to use up as much of the fat quarters as I could. This is the same layout and technique I used for my Nani Iro Dreams Quilt. Simple and sweet.

It's funny, looking back at the quilts I've made over the years I seem to prefer simpler quilts in times of extra stress. This makes sense, since more stress usually means less time to stitching and also an urge for comfort sewing. And what could be more comforting than nine patches and cutesy Halloween fabric?

I had a short window to get this one quilted and bound, so I kept the quilting super simple with diagonal lines. Speaking of comfort sewing, this is definitely my go-to no-worry quilting. It's quick and I love the cross hatch effect of quilting on the diagonal. One of these days I'll experiment with other designs!

I was finally able to use up a big cut of 1" black and white gingham for the back. I originally bought it for my Minny Muu Prism Quilt, but under-bought by 1/4 yard. Felt good to use some of it for this quilt. It's bound up in this cute add it up print.

More info on my custom woven labels here.

Get ready for Tuesday, I'll be sharing George's annual Halloween costume photo!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Great job! I really Ike nine patch quilts and the fabric you used. Super cute! Can't wait to check out George's costume. Take care

  2. Great quilt! Amazing what you can do with just squares. Thanks for sharing

  3. Great use of those super cute prints. And I am still having Label Envy. Just so you know. :-) I hope you're not super stressed out right NOW, though? We are all sending you warm fuzzies and virtual hugs through the Internet, just in case! Happy Halloween to you, to your husband, and to George the bunny.


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