Shop News: Vintage Sheet Fat Quarter Bundles

Monday, July 1, 2024

Happy Monday! I have some exciting shop news to share today! I have added a limited number of vintage sheet fat quarter bundles to my online shop!

I've been working on collecting vintage sheets specifically to make bundles for the last five or so years, and I'm finally diving in! It's been a long time since I had my vintage sheet etsy shop, but it has all come back to me, just like riding a bike! I'm hoping to be able to share vintage sheet bundles regularly, but it will of course depend on what I can find. This time around I have rainbow bundles of 8 fat quarters each!

These are perfect for any project, but would be especially nice for a Giant Vintage Star Quilt.

Here are the bundles that are currently available (there are multiples of each style!):

Bundle A

Bundle B

Bundle C

Bundle D

Bundle E


Shop Now: Vintage sheet fat quarter bundles

Happy Quilting!


  1. Hi Jeni, I love reading your blog about your quilting with beautiful vintage sheets. I'm not a quilter, but love vintage sheets. I have a few which I use as bed sheets! I miss your Friday Favorites. Will you ever write those again?

    1. Hi! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed those posts! I would love to write them again! Just short on time right now, taking care of my one year old! :)

  2. Wonderful idea. My sheets, as a girl in the 60’s & 70’s were the best and brightest.


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