Lined Drawstring Bag Pocket Tutorial

Friday, June 22, 2012

Terri was kind enough to review my Lined Drawstring Bag as a part of Purse Palooza put on by Sara of Sew Sweetness! Isn't her version (above) so cute? I love her fabric choices. Check it out here!

She wrote up an add-on tutorial for how to add pockets to the outside of the bag, you can find the tutorial here.

Original lined drawstring bag tutorial can be found here.

Drawstring Bag + Pockets
I had to try it out myself, it's really fun. Plus, it's an opportunity to bring in another fabric print! :)

Happy Sewing!


  1. I love that bag and the fabric she used. What a neat modification to your pattern.

  2. That pocket is a very handy looking addition! Clever Terri!!!

  3. Those pockets are great! Thanks for linking to her post -- I'm definitely going to have to make one soon.

  4. The brown tunic is awesome! Is it cotton? I love cotton tunics for spring and summer esp. as beach tunics.


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