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Monday, February 9, 2009

It only took me a month after picking up Anna Maria Horner's new book Seams to Me to actually try one of the patterns.  Everything just looked so fun and cute, I didn't know what to try first.  I ended up making the I'll Have One of Everything Bag.  I am anxiously awaiting a sure to be fantastic custom bag from Etsy and was in a bag mood.  It was a very easy pattern and there were very few problems.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Here at school I don't have room for a permanent place to sew so it is pretty tedious to drag everything out when I get in the mood to sew, but it was definitely worth it.  I'm really happy about how it turned out.  Without any further ado:

The big picture.

Close-up for the fabrics.

The lining fabric.

I went with black and white mostly because I didn't trust myself to pick out 8 colorful fabrics that actually looked good together and not like a mess.  Haha.  Plus I love black and white fabrics.  Most of the fabrics are Alexander Henry (LOVE!) and M'Liss Rae (from JoAnn's).  I have been hoarding my AH fabrics forever, I love it too much to do something with it.  What was nice about this project is that it took such little of each fabric.  Less than 1/4 yard.  Perfect.

The only thing I think I'd do different next time is to first of all buy thinner interfacing, and possibly make the opening of the bag larger, for easier use.  Overall though, I came away smiling :)


  1. I love the bag you made! I've had much of the same experience with the book. I love the look of all the projects and can't decide which to do first. You did a great job combining fabrics. I tried to put together black and white prints for a quilt and it was a disaster. The pop of color in the lining is fantastic! =]

  2. I see you added the additional strips on the corners...I was going to, but found the directions a little confusing. I think I would like the bag better with them, but was kind of afraid to mess it up. How did you do it and do you think the bag look better with or without?


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