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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Berries, originally uploaded by jenib320.

We went out to the farm today for a picnic. This was perfectly in timing with the wild black raspberry season. I picked for the majority of the morning and picked about 2 quarts I believe. I have the scratches and bug bites to prove it! Wild black raspberries could very well be my favorite food ever. They are so naturally sweet, and so different from other berries. Sometimes I wish you could buy good ones in the store but honestly, they might not taste as good that way. Having to wait all year to have them for a week or two makes them taste even better.

I shall be eating pretty much nothing else for the next week or so, which is fine by me. Whatever meal doesn't include blackberries it will probably include something with strawberry jam on it :)

Today I love the..
Smell of: Wild black raspberries
Sound of: Kitty
Taste of: Wild black raspberries
Sight of: A semi clean room
Feel of: Comfy pillow

Good Things about Today:
- Picked 2 quarts of wild black raspberries
- I didn't get burned while out picking!
- Picked up Mike & Kaitlyn from the Megabus
- Georgio's Pizza
- Having a kitty who loves to hang out with me every evening :)

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