Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yesterday's Thrift Finds!, originally uploaded by jenib320.

Managed to squeeze in a little thrifting yesterday. I stopped at Salvation Army on my way up and then Mike and I went to two Goodwills. I did pretty well! I found the Lotus Bowls for $.25 a piece, the vintage fabric for $2.99, the drink container for $.50, the Tupperware pie container for $3, and the Pyrex Snack Server for $4. Grand Total: $11.50. Not bad! :)

Yesterday was very interesting! We drove Mike's younger sister Kaiytlin to Cranberry, PA to meet their cousin. We got sort of lost though.. It took us a little bit but eventually we got back on track and made it back home. It was an adventure! I have some weird night slow exposures that I took in the car to entertain myself, I'll probably share them tomorrow!

The Lotus Bowl Collection, originally uploaded by jenib320.

My collection of Lotus Bowls up until now. I am up to 18 including the large one. Still haven't paid more than $.50 a bowl! :)

Today I love the..
Smell of: Pizzelles
Sound of: Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince
Taste of: Sloppy Joe's
Sight of: Mike, here!
Feel of: Comfy Capris

Good Things about Today:
- Found a cute turquoise piece for my bathroom
- Got some good cleaning done
- Sloppy Joe's :)
- Mike is here!

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