Monday, November 2, 2009

IT'S HERE!, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Finally, my new camera is here. I finally broke down and upgraded my body. I have been shooting with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel since December 2003. It has lasted me very well these past 6 years. It's traveled with me, been out in the snow, rain, and to Cavs games. Surprisingly after taking about 40,000 photos with it, it still works great. It just isn't fast enough for what I want to do.

This new baby that arrived today is a Canon 40D. I got it used on eBay for exactly half of what it goes for on Amazon with free shipping. The biggest upgrade is going from being about to shoot 2 frames per second to a whopping 6.5 frames per second. No more blurry photos of Lebron dunking! :D :D :D

Going to the game tomorrow night, I cannot wait to try it out!!!

Today I love the..
Smell of: Bretzelbrot
Sound of: Wake up by Arcade Fire
Taste of: Brezelbrot
Sight of: New Camera!
Feel of: George

Good Things about Today:
- Picked up my camera today!
- 3-D went well today
- Both of my art projects are currently on display!
- Halloween candy on clearance!

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