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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hope Valley!, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Beautiful Hope Valley fabrics by Denyse Schmidt.

New Enamelware, originally uploaded by jenib320.
December's enamelware additions.

New Pyrex, originally uploaded by jenib320.
December's Pyrex additions.

Handmade Christmas, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Was busy sewing Christmas presents.

!!!, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Found this Orla-inspired mug.

George, originally uploaded by jenib320.

Finally got around to watching Julie & Julia, loved it!

Today I love the..
Smell of: Dove Shampoo
Sound of: George running around
Taste of: Bretzel
Sight of: New photos in my stream
Feel of: Slippers

Good Things about Today:
- Did all my returns today!
- Found more remnants at JoAnn's
- Basking in the wonderfulness of the Cavs crushing the Lakers on Christmas day! :D


  1. George is very lovely.
    Like your choice of colour and style.

  2. I love the mug! ...and the enamel ware... and the Pyrex...

  3. George is such a darling little bun!


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