Spring Blossom Green

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Pyrex pattern of the moment. I hadn't been able to visit my favorite thrift store in over a month. When I walked in today I went straight to the kitchen section as usual and didn't find anything. I peeked at the fabric/sewing section and didn't find anything there either. I was about to leave but figured I should check the last row just in case. The last row has lots of glass items and some decorative items. But low and behold, tucked away in the back corner was this minty complete Spring Blossom refrigerator set, just waiting for me. This is the 2nd complete set that I've found at this shop. The first was the Daisy refrigerator set that I picked up for $12. This one was $15 but still completely worth it! :)

Today I love the..
Smell of: Carbonara
Sound of: George
Taste of: Cookies
Sight of: Finished projects
Feel of: Sleeping in

Good Things about Today:
- Good luck thrifting today!
- Finished up some errands!
- Made a few projects I've been meaning to try!

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  1. get out! you lucky dog! i don't have much luck finding pyrex at my thrift store, but i ONLY go to the one because i just think it is the best! i have found most of mine at yard sales. i have three of those little containers pictured at the top there. i love them and use them all the time. only two match. the rest of my collection is random bowls. none matching. but i'm okay with that. i just love the eclectic in them!
    great find, by the way, and great price!


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