The Pyrex Series: Solid Colors

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I apologize for how terribly late this week's Pyrex Series post is! With finals and school ending I bit off more than I could chew! But enough worrying about that, let's get on to the post! This week's post is about solids! There are many patterns that include solids along with printed pieces, but we are just going to focus on the groupings of pieces that are all solids.

Round Casseroles & Turquoise, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Almost all the round 024 covered casseroles are solid colors. There are some promotional 024s that are patterned like Blowing Leaves and Berries. There are many many solid colored round covered casseroles! My favorite solid colored pieces are the Turquoise pieces! There are mixing bowls, refrigerator dishes, baking dishes, chip and dip set, and round covered casseroles in turquoise. In general it is a pricey color because it's such an iconic color from the 50s & 60s plus, it's beautiful!

Pink & Americana, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Pink is another one of the more expensive solids. It's a delicious color of pink and along with the turquoise, many people who don't collect pyrex are picking up these pieces specifically for their color. I can't blame them! There are mixing bowls, refrigerator dishes, and baking dishes in this shade of pink. There are two sets of Americana mixing bowls. They feature solid colored bowls with a wide white rim around the top. They are 4 pieces sets. Both of these photos are from my good flickr friend Twin72! I love her set of pink mixing bowls!

Baking Dishes & Desert Dawn, originally uploaded by jenib320.
There are many different solid colored Pyrex baking and utility dishes. There were three piece sets that featured the colors from a pattern (like Daisy) that included a large lasagna pan, square pan, and loaf pan. In addition there are utility dishes (2 rectangular dishes, square, loaf, cake pan, pie plate) that came in flamingo pink, yellow, lime, and turquoise. (Please correct me if I missed any!) There are also two shades of Desert Dawn that came in these sizes. Desert Dawn Pink and Yellow are solid colored but have kind of a freckled look.

Primary & Opal, originally uploaded by jenib320.
The first colored pieces of Pyrex were the primary colored pieces. There is a primary color mixing bowl set, and a primary color refrigerator set. The bowls are blue, red, green, and yellow. The refrigerator set has a yellow, blue, and two red pieces. There are a few pieces out there that were simply plain white called Opal. A mixing bowl set was produced as well as a few refrigerator dishes. Thanks to Vonlipi for correcting me on Opal! :)

Hostess & Promotional, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Finally there are the Hostess sets that we talked about a few weeks ago that came in solid colors. Red and yellow. There is also a turquoise chip and dip set that were the same shape. And of course there are some promotional dishes that were solid colored. This Heinz promotional utility dish is a beautiful teal color.

As always, head on over to the Pyrex Love website for loads more information! This series is merely the reader's digest of Pyrex information!


  1. About the white pieces...It is called Opal. They produced a bowl set but for only a short time.I was very surprised to see an Opal 503 in your post because nobody has ever seen one. Only a 501 ans 502.

  2. what beautiful colors! i saw a solid red bowl last week in so so condition. i was interested, but it was $19 and i already wanted the pink and aqua ones i got. so, is $19 a fair price? the bowl was medium sized, your average mixing bowl.

  3. I have stumbled across your blog and for the last two weeks have been pouring over your blogs!!! It is so exciting to find another pyrex lover, and as a beginner sewer (part-time as I am a chef and business owner) I just love looking at all your photos and George!! :)

  4. Tasha: I think 19$ is too much for that bowl. But it's up to you. Are you willing to pay that much? You can find a red 402 surely starting at 1$ but you have to be patient and to keep looking.

    After all, the thrill is in the hunt! :)

    Drop by and say hi!

  5. I had a huge pyrex collection when I got married 12 years ago, but sold it cause I was moving to a smaller I've got the pyrex bug again:)

  6. i bought my first pyrex piece and its a solid!
    of course i blogged about it :)
    and reading this post helped me learn a lot about it. yay :)

  7. Hey Jeni - I've got a question. I don't think you've addressed it - but sorry if I missed it.

    Where is the best place to swap Pyrex? Is there swapping going on in the pyrex love flickr group? I do know about the fabric/pyrex swap group.

    And just a shot in the dark - do you have any solid orange or yellow pyrex for swap?

  8. Just found your site, and I must say I am totally jealous of your Pyrex collection. I have some good pieces, but no where near what you have. Great posts!


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