Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DQS9 Top Finished!, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Finished the top for the Doll Quilt Swap!

The beautiful blocks I received in the 2nd quarter of the 3x6 Mini Bee!

Dream On vs. Vintage Sheet, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Found the inspiration sheet for one of the Dream On fabrics! :)

Happy Mail!, originally uploaded by jenib320.
I was very lucky to win this kit over at i have to say... last weekend! I received this cute pattern and was allowed to pick out two prints to make my own bag from her etsy shop, Fresh Squeezed Fabrics! :)

Happy Mail!, originally uploaded by jenib320.
I was also lucky enough to win one of the many giveaways during Heather's birthday month! I was able to choose one of the yummy Dream On charm packs given away by Amy of Badskirt!


  1. So much fabric-y goodness! Love that DQS top (hopefully you are my partner! :) ) and your 3x6 blocks look great together. I'm still waiting for my last one so I can lay them all out...

  2. Your blocks are so pretty! Hey, what is that awesome olive leaf print fabric on the right side of the bottom print? Love!

  3. I love that you've found the sheet that inspired the fabric from Urban Chic! How great would it be to back a Dream On quilt with that sheet!!

  4. I love your doll quilt swap top. very pretty.

  5. Loving your doll quilt the colours are really vibrant. A larger quilt top would look fab in this pattern/fabrics although I suspect it may take rather a long time to piece and quilt!


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