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Monday, August 30, 2010

Erin McMorris, originally uploaded by jenib320.
I really love the designs of Erin McMorris. I have a healthy stash of her newest line, Weekends but am still trying to add to my stashes of Park Slope and Wildwood. I especially love Park Slope. I was just behind the curve on that line!

I really only just started buying "designer" fabrics a few months ago! My stash grew pretty quickly, but there are a few lines I wish I had been around for. Flea Market Fancy (of course!), Mendocino, Garden Party, Wildwood, Lizzy Dish, and Red Letter Day to name a few! :)

What lines do you wish you had purchased more of when they came out?


  1. I'm really loving Erin McMorris's designs too, more and more lately! If you're looking for Garden Party I've seen the most of the prints all in one place at Susie Q quilts. I really wish I would have purchased more of Nani Iro's older lines!

  2. I'm with you. I'm really wishing they would get into the habit of REprinting the best collections. We'll be happy to buy! I want more Garden Party and I do like Red Letter Day too. Right now I've just bought up some current lines that I know I will regret missing.

  3. Definitely wish I'd purchased more Flea Market Fancy too, also Lush by Erin Michael, Neptune by Tula Pink, and basically anything from Heather Ross (although I don't think I'll need to say that about FFA2 because I picked up a half-metre bundle of it at Quilt Market)!

  4. I totally wish I had more Lizzy Dish and Red Letter Day. I love the bright colors and simple shapes!

  5. Heather Ross for sure! I have some scraps of the dog fabric and some yardage of far, far away.

  6. Are you kidding?! I didn't get into fabric/sewing until way after all the uber cute Heather Ross stuff. Those fabrics are like bars of gold
    now! lol

  7. I wish I had gotten more of Heather Ross's older lines when they were easy to come by, same with a few of the now-hard to find Katie Jump Rope prints by Denyse Schmidt. I was behind the curve for things like Lush and FMF. *sigh* Oh well. There's got to be great new things right around the corner, right?

  8. I agree with the FMF, and Lush, I just missed those, I'm still pretty new to the quilting world. Wish I had stocked up on KJR Ribbon Flowers, love them! AMH's Garden Party is my favorite line and I slightly panic when my stash gets low, lol...thankfully it isn't discontinued yet and most of the prints are available online. Or I'd be swapping my HR for those prints, ha! =)


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