Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Project 365, originally uploaded by jenib320.
I did it. I actually completed my project 365. I took at least one photo every single day in 2010. No cheating, no "it's after midnight but I'm still awake" and only a very small handful of "oops it's 10 pm and I haven't taken my photo yet"! I attempted a project 365 in 2008 and failed partially because of lack of motivation and I was living in a dorm (not much to photograph). This time around, I really did it. I am so so happy. I want to get all the photographs printed in a book. Any recommendations? I can't wait to do another year of 365, starting tomorrow! :)

2010 Sewing, Quilting, Crafting, originally uploaded by jenib320.
2010 was a huge crafting year for me. I learned to quilt! In mid-March I quilted my very first quilt. Now I can't imagine not quilting. I made a lot of sewing strides this year and participated in a lot of swaps. I am so happy that sewing has become such a large part of my life. It's led me to some of the most amazing people. I am so thankful for my wonderful online quilty friends! :)

2010 Vintage & Thrifting, originally uploaded by jenib320.
2010 brought on a treasure trove of vintage goodies! Pyrex, enamelware and later in the year, tons and tons of vintage sheets! I also opened up my shop, which has had such a great response, thank you all for your support!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year!

See you all next year! ;)


  1. wow!!! look at all those pictures!!! good job!! I love them all, you have great photographing talent!! happy new year to you and george!

    -Lauren :)

  2. I follow your blog and love reading your wonderfully colourful (and bunnyish!) posts. I hope that 2011 brings you all that you wish for and more ♥

  3. It is absolutely amazing all the firsts you have accomplished this year. Congratulations! Thank-you for being such a bright spot of a blog.

  4. I always love seeing your posts. Full of bright vintage color! I see lots of George in your 365 pics :) I wish you a very happy New Year!

  5. what a great year it's been! Congrats on all you've achieved :) x
    Happy New Year!

  6. As always, great photos Jeni! Thanks for sharing with us and have a great 2011!!

  7. You can publish your own book via blurb.com

  8. Congrats on completing a year of pictures!

  9. Jenni, I think your blog has been my favorite find of 2010. I love your pyrex and vintage collections, as well as all your bright and cheery sewing projects. Keep up the great work!

  10. What a busy year for you! And good job on the 365. I lost steam somewhere along the line, but good for you for keeping with it!

  11. I sooo did not realize that you just learned to quilt this year. You are so gifted!

    Kudos for achieving your goal. What a great waay to find something lovely in every day!

  12. hi jeni, i've really enjoyed following your progress this year, first through flickr and now through your blog. thanks so much for inspiring me to keep crafting:).

  13. yay! congratulations! i missed following your 365 this year, but can't wait to see your new one! iphoto also does very nice books, but i don't know how much they cost. I think i'm going to have a book printed of my 365, as well.

  14. Hi Kati - I have to say I L O V E L O V E L O V E your blog! I have only recently found you but I am encouraged and inspired so much by it, and I will be a very frequent visitor this new year! To say a little Thank You I want to award you with The Stylish Blogger Award! If you pop over to my blog you can take the button (sorry .... and rules!) from there and add it to your own beautiful blog. While you are at mine, please take a peek at the Give Away on the 31st January :0)
    I do hope you participate and that you enjoy the fun of the Stylish Blogger Award!
    Best wishes for a very creative New Year!
    Val xx Oxfordshire

  15. Hi ..... you are Jeni ...... not Kati ........ I am Val ...... and I am sorry :0(
    love to you,

  16. You have inspired 365 days of everyday love which is also inspired by a Every Day Love by Judy Ford...thank you, I have been following your blog for awhile and really enjoying it. Happy New Year to you and your sweet bunny!

  17. wow! congratulations! i am amazed at the photos! i wish i would've started one on the first! i enjoy your photos so much and all that you share!!! :) so inspiring! :)

    love the new banner!

    and wow...really...it still trips me out that you only started quilting in march '10. i can't believe it! you are amaaaaazing! :)

    my family and i continue to love george, i love your shop...rock on girl!!! :)

    happy new year! :)

  18. Ohh, your photos are beautiful! I'm new here at your blog and I'm loving it! I'm looking forward to seeing what you have in store for the new year! :)


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