Friday, April 22, 2011

Favorites, originally uploaded by jenib320.
1. Project Modern Monochromatic Entry, 2. Dress Your Taxes in Amy Butler and Polka Dots, 3. Umbrella hanging - 106:365, 4. Constellation, 5. Improve Camping Collaboration, 6. DQS10 Received!, 7. rainbow geese quilt, 8. IMG_0958.jpg, 9. Kaleidoscopic Kites Front
Every week I go through my favorite photos on Flickr, and choose nine sewing/quilting related projects to showcase here. These photos and projects are not my own, you can find the original images and creators by clicking the coordinating links! If for any reason you do not want your project featured here, please email me and I'll remove it!

Happy Friday!


  1. I love them all, especially Constellation!

  2. Beautiful. I really love the middle one in the bottom row, and the orange chair in the very center picture!

  3. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration! Love them all. I am OBsessed with that rainbow geese quilt.

  4. Love the brollies! I so want to recreate that...

  5. really like 'constellation'. great use of fabrics!! :-)

  6. Thanks Jeni! You never fail to inspire me.

  7. Love that one in the middle... it's mine! ;-) It's going to be in an article about online quilting bees in Quilter's World in June.

  8. Quilts are just lovely, my favorite is #4.


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