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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Moving Along, originally uploaded by jenib320.
9 states done! Used this coloring book page as a template.

WIP, originally uploaded by jenib320.
A fun block using HSTs!

Sheet Scraps!, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Made loads more sheet scrap packs!

Summer, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Pulled out my vintage sheet quilt, makes me want to make another!

Shark Rabbit!!, originally uploaded by jenib320.
George likes to loaf it in his basket and if you come down to his level his ears look like a shark fin! It kills me every time!

Thanks for your response to the quilt along! By popular demand, we'll be doing the half-square triangle version! I'll have the first post ready for next week with sizes and fabric requirements! In the meantime you can grab a button from the sidebar if you'd like! :)

Today I love the..
Smell of: Slow roasted pork
Sound of: That 70's Show!
Taste of: Snyder tortilla chips
Sight of: Vintage Sheets
Feel of: George's soft fur :)

Good Things about Today:
- Got my errands run early!
- Wore a dress today!
- My hair is FINALLY long enough to braid!
- Successful new recipe!
- Joined this fun group!


  1. Haha George is so cute! He looks like he's spying on you from the basket! :)
    Yay for colorful quilt along and vintage sheets! :D

  2. i would love to make a vintage sheet picnic quilt and your stacks of sheet scraps are so pretty! i love the hst block you made; the reds are really pretty and totally pop with the grays.

  3. Can't wait for the warm/cool quilt-a-long.

  4. Your map of the states embroidery looks great! I have been thinking about it since your last post, it is such a cute idea... My husband loves maps and travel so I may have to do something similar. I'm thinking maybe for a throw pillow or wall hanging?

  5. Your map is so sweet! Will you be embellishing once it's outlined?

  6. How did I miss that you're starting your Warm Cool QA? I'm definitely in!

  7. Shark bunny! I have a similar picture of one of my cats with his eyes and ears just poking out above a blanket - so cute and hilarious. Thanks for sharing George with us!

  8. I really like the idea of the map embroidery. What method do you use to transfer it? I know that's definitely a beginner question, but I've been practicing embroidery stitches but have no idea how to actually get a pattern onto the fabric to make something for real!


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