Happy Friday!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hope you all are having a wonderful Friday! I'm hoping to play with some patchwork this evening and perhaps watch a chick flick! I wanted to pop in here real quick and point you over to Nova's blog! This year, Nova (of a cuppa and a catch up!) is holding a Liberty Scrap Challenge! Every month, she uses Liberty of London scraps to create a fun project and tutorial. This month, she's embellished my Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial with gorgeous Liberty fabric! Please go check it out and give her some love, it's awesome! I am definitely going to have to make one! :)


  1. The little "droplettes" were a great way to show off the pretty fabrics.

  2. Went, saw and was impressed! Really a very lovely bag and that she shared how to do it is wonderful!

  3. Cute bag! I find it impossible to throw even the teeniest Liberty scraps away so love this idea :)


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