HST Block of the Month: February

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Half-Square Triangle Block of the Month February Quilt Block Tutorial - In Color Order
Welcome to the Half-Square Triangle Block of the Month! For each month in 2012, I'll present a quick tutorial for a traditional quilt block using half-square triangles (HST)! It's going to be a lot of fun, feel free to join in at any time! For past posts see here.

Happy February! Today I'm sharing with you the second block in our block of the month series! This block plays with flying geese, made from HSTs of course! Let's go!

Traditional Method:
- (8) 4" squares from background fabric (white)
- (2) 4" squares from print fabric (yellow)
- (2) 4" squares from second print fabric (green)
- (2) 4" squares from third print fabric (turquoise)
- (2) 4" squares from fourth print fabric (navy)

Alternative Method:
- (4) 6" squares from background fabric (white)
- (1) 6" squares from print fabric (yellow)
- (1) 6" squares from second print fabric (green)
- (1) 6" squares from third print fabric (turquoise)
- (1) 6" squares from fourth print fabric (navy)

1. Assemble your half-square triangles using either the traditional method, or the alternative method. Press seams open.

2. Trim your HSTs to 3.5" square.

3. Arrange your HSTs as shown in the image above.

4. Sew your HSTs into four rows. Press seams in alternating directions.

4. Sew your four rows together, pinning where the seams match up. Press seams open. Trim block to 12.5" if necessary.

Voila! You're done! :)

If you create a block using this tutorial I hope you'll add it to the flickr group!

Happy Sewing!


  1. jeni, your color choices are always SO perfect! looking forward to doing this today. xo

  2. i have never made a flying geese block! thanks for the how-to! :)

  3. Excited! I will be making this today! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial, as usual! This block looks awesome!

  4. love this block, doing it today!

  5. The Outfoxed blue/black print is one of my faves! Lovely choices, Jeni!

  6. Thanks so much for this series.... I am loving it!!

  7. I'd love to see a whole quilt in this block! Thank you for posting the alternative method too, always good to have a choice :))

  8. I forgot today was the first! What a pick-me-up to come home to after a really bad few hours. Thanks, Jeni.

    Somerset, NJ

  9. Just finished my block! in fact I made two! couldn't decide which color configuration I liked best. They turned out great ~ thanks for the tutorial!

  10. I finished my block today. Thanks so much for doing this.

  11. managed to get as far as cutting out the squares tonight. Can't put them together until Sunday though :-(

  12. Ha ha, I have been checking in every day in Feb to see if the link to this was up yet, except I was looking under the page up top instead of here. Silly me!

  13. Woohoo,, finally got my block put together last night. Used the magic method again, this time with LOTS of starch and a better iron. went together great! can not wait to see what March is.

  14. Hi
    I have tried to use the alternative link for February and am unable to get the link to work Cheers Pauline


  15. Hi I managed to get it to work this time thanks

  16. I've done the Jan and Feb blocks & put on the Flickr site. Can't wait for March! Nita

  17. Is there a way to get the Jan block. I loved the geese pattern

    1. You can find all the blocks here: http://www.incolororder.com/p/block-of-month.html

  18. Just seen this block! love it, have loads of yellows and Greys, may make a quilt. Has anyone made a quilt and have a picture to show????


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