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Friday, March 8, 2013

Favorites by Jeni Baker
Favorites, a photo by Jeni Baker on Flickr.
1. WIP String Quilt, 2. Swap mini for Ali, 3. Miss Banana's finished quilt, 4. Strip Quilt, 5. New Wall Hanging, 6. Divided Easter Basket, 7. "Geese in the Forest" Quilt, 8. ImagePlay - February, 9. vanilla ice cream quilt

Every week I go through my favorite photos on Flickr, and choose nine sewing/quilting related projects to showcase here. These photos and projects are not my own, you can find the original images and creators by clicking the coordinating links! If for any reason you do not want your project featured here, please email me and I'll remove it!

This week I also pulled together Color Me Retro Projects from the In Color Order Flickr Group, Color Me Retro Flickr Group, and Art Gallery Fabrics Flickr Group! It's so exciting seeing your projects pop up! :)

Color Me Retro Projects by Jeni Baker
Color Me Retro Projects, a photo by Jeni Baker on Flickr.
1. Color Me Retro Blanket Done!, 2. Gwen's dress, 3. Penelope's dress, 4. Colour Me Retro Plus Quilt, 5. Art Gallery Fabric Color Me Retro Quilt, 6. Working up a tutorial for @artgalleryfab. Using my real camera and everything!, 7. color me retro pillow, 8. Divided Basket in Color Me Retro, 9. washi tunic

Happy Friday!


  1. thanks for sharing my tunic, Jeni!! happy friday :)

  2. Love all the projects ~ that new wall hanging (#5) is hanging in my favorite fabric store ~ Cool Cottons in Portland, OR! It's beautiful in person!

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  4. Wow! You chose my quilt! I'm so flattered. It's the one in the first photo, upper left a work in progress string quilt. It's actually finished, so more photos to come. Thanks again, you've made my day! I thoroughly enjoy your blog.

  5. I especially love LInda's new wall hanging quilt too - they are all so great.


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