Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Traveling Handmade
Traveling Handmade, a photo by Jeni Baker on Flickr.
Hi there! Coming at you today from the Minneapolis Airport! I didn't manage to find time last night between laundry, packing and a fun trip to eat wings with Michael.  It was really nice to sit down for a bit before leaving for Sewing Summit this morning! I've started a new project to keep me busy during my layover and flights.  I've got a great set of favorites scheduled for Friday, otherwise I won't be back to chat until next week!

Dreamin' Vintage
Dreamin' Vintage, a photo by Jeni Baker on Flickr.
I'm not about to leave you with nothing though! How about a little sneak peek of my new collection Dreamin' Vintage, that will be debuting next month! The first round of strikeoffs arrived last week and I'm smitten.  I can't wait to share it with you!

Vintage Quilt Blocks by Jeni Baker
Vintage Quilt Blocks, a photo by Jeni Baker on Flickr.
My sweet friend Frances sent over some super cool vintage quilt blocks and fabrics for me! I'm excited to find time to play with these, I'm thinking I'll make a few more blocks to go with it!

Finished Watchmen's Hat by Jeni Baker
Finished Watchmen's Hat, a photo by Jeni Baker on Flickr.
Finished Honey Cowl by Jeni Baker
Finished Honey Cowl, a photo by Jeni Baker on Flickr.
I've been knitting away in the evenings lately! I finished Michael's hat and I finally finished my Honey cowl (hooray!).

George, a photo by Jeni Baker on Flickr.
Of course, George bun! He is loving his new basket!

Today I love the..
Smell of: New soap
Sound of: Keane
Taste of: Diet Coke
Sight of: George
Feel of: Comfy clothes

Good Things about Today:
- Landing in Salt Lake City today!
- Waffles that will be eating later!
- Airport had my favorite snack!
- Getting pictures of George from home already!


  1. hi jeni! happy travels. :) love all the knitting. all of it! plus of course I can't wait to spy the new fabric. :)

  2. more beautiful fabric? Yes, please! Show us soon!

  3. I'm really liking Dreamin Vintage. Can't wait to see more. Have fun at the Summit.

  4. Your hat and honey col turned out great - you're halfway to pro. I'm happy you found a hobby that's a bit less like work and a bit more relaxing for the time being. Hurray for knitting!

  5. How did I not see this on your blog???
    Wow thanks Jeni for posting this!!! I think of you always.
    much love, Frances


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