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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nordika Launch Party by Jeni Baker
Nordika Launch Party, a photo by Jeni Baker on Flickr.
I can't believe it's been nearly three months since Nordika launched! The past few months have absolutely flown by! I love seeing what everyone makes with my fabrics.  I put a lot of thought into how prints could potentially be used, and I of course make a lot of things with them myself, but it's always amazing to see what other people do with them.  Thank you for buying and sewing with my fabrics and for sharing your projects! It always makes me smile!

So, I wanted to share a few Nordika projects from Flickr.  You can find more projects in the Nordika Flickr Group, on my Nordika Projects Pinterest Board and in the #nordika hashtag on Twittter and Instagram!

WIP: Shattered Nordika by jaceycraft
WIP: Shattered Nordika, a photo by jaceycraft on Flickr.
This quilt in progress by Jacey is blowing my mind! It's just so good.  Jacey is using Natalie's Wonky Pinwheel Tutorial to make these blocks!

Nordika Zig Zag Quilt by maureencracknell
Nordika Zig Zag Quilt, a photo by maureencracknell on Flickr.
Maureen made the first quilt from Nordika before it was even released! She's awesome like that! You can read more about it on her blog, here. She'll be sharing the pattern on the Janome website soon!

X plus...blocks 1-12 by lesleyworth
X plus...blocks 1-12, a photo by lesleyworth on Flickr.
These X plus blocks by Lesley are giving me a serious itch to whip some up myself.  Thus far I've resisted these blocks but this is pushing over the edge for sure! She even put some Color Me Retro in there too! She's using this tutorial to make the blocks.

Giant Plus top by shecanquilt
Giant Plus top, a photo by shecanquilt on Flickr.
You know I can't resist a good plus quilt, and this one is no exception! Loving on this quilt in progress by Leanne. Keep an eye on her blog, she's planning to release a tutorial or pattern for this quilt!

IMG_6014 by tifosew
IMG_6014, a photo by tifosew on Flickr.
How gorgeous is this quilt by Nela? We met at Sewing Summit and I'm so glad she emailed me photos of her quilt! It's awesome! She used the star surround quilt-along to make her quilt!

I want to jump across the pond and steal this bag!! It's patchwork-quilt-as-you-go amazing! Jenna used the backpack pattern in Lisa Lam's book, A Bag for All Reasons!

divided basket by s.o.t.a.k handmade
divided basket, a photo by s.o.t.a.k handmade on Flickr.
Love this basket by Svetlana, using my favorite print from Nordika! The mix of prints is awesome! She used Anna Graham's Divided Basket Pattern!

Who doesn't love a good log cabin! Debbie made these awesome quilted potholders for a swap! You can read more about her techniques for these potholders here.

O+S Jump Rope Dress
O+S Jump Rope Dress, a photo by TamaraMcGee on Flickr.
I'd like this dress in my size! Tamara used the Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress Pattern to make these sweet number! The tiny little flower buttons are just too cute!

Tinny Dress Flip
Tinny Dress Flip, a photo by pixidance on Flickr.
Speaking of adorable girl's dresses! Not only is this dress (and the sweet girl wearing it!) ridiculously cute, these photos perfectly capture the spirit of Nordika! So whimsical and cute.  Pixidance used the Tinny Dress pattern by Straightgrain to make this!

Cambie #2. Almost finished! This one I will wear often!  Needs some black boots, belt and a cute cardi!   #cambiedress #nordica by Charise *
Cambie #2. Almost finished!, a photo by Charise * on Flickr.
The panel has been turned into all kinds of dresses! I love this one by Charise using Sewaholic's Cambie Dress Pattern!

nordika sally dress by skirt_as_top
nordika sally dress, a photo by skirt_as_top on Flickr.
One more! I can't resist all the little girl's dresses that have been made with Nordika!  This one that Kristen made is too much! It was such a pleasure meeting her at Quilt Market this Spring, she is always making awesome garment! She used our mutual friend Shannon's new pattern to make this dress, the Sally Dress Pattern!

I could go on and on, there are just too many awesome Nordika projects floating around! Please continue to share, I'll never tire of seeing your projects! :)

Note: If for any reason you do not want your project featured here, please email me and I'll remove it, no worries!


  1. These projects are ALL so amazing, as is Nordika of course!! Thank you so much for sharing my quilt!! I'm actually sharing the pattern for it on the Janome site very soon. I know some of my readers bought their Nordika bundles and are waiting!! :)

    1. I'm another one who is waiting for Maureen's pattern on Janome's web site! I bought Nordika fabric because I saw it on Maureen's blog. I love the fabric and Maureen is so inspiring!

    2. Great!! I'll announce on my blog once I get word from Janome that the pattern is up!

  2. So looking forward to when Nordika comes into our shop : ) Love it!

  3. Jeni, I just don't think you can go wrong with Nordika! Every one of these projects is just delightful thanks to the beautiful fabric. Glad you enjoyed my little project too! My swap partner sure liked them too!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing my dress! I love Nordika - especially the panel. I wish I were rich so I could make curtains with it!

  5. I definitely need to buy some more before this disappears forever. I need the panels to make dresses out of. And maybe the black licorice for a dress. I have enough right now, but I think I'm going to try to make a skirt. My garment career is going VERY slow ;) I can't wait to see your next collection. But Nordika might be my favorite fabric ever. I'm so glad that your fabric designing career is going so well!

  6. Gorgeous selection, I've seen Jenna's bag in real life and it is awesome

  7. Amazing works. Nordika adds a lot of beauty to them. :)

  8. Oh wow! Love seeing everyone's projects! Thank you so much for includng my blocks, its kicking my sewing mojo in gear!

  9. I too love this fabric line and how lovely to see all the projects. Thank you for including mine.

  10. i loved seeing the potholders i got in the swap with debbie here! i feel so lucky to have gotten such a lovely set in such gorgeous fabric.

  11. Aw thanks so much for including my little Sally dress up there, Jeni! Love that Nordika. :*

  12. These are all so great! It must be awesome to see your fabric loved in so many ways. :-)

  13. Wow! I am honored to be featured with such beautiful work. Thanks so much!

  14. I purchased some Nordika, too. Unfortunately due to a lack of time they're still here as purchased begging to make something with them. *sigh*


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