2014 Crafty Goals

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Clean Sewing Room by Jeni Baker
Clean Sewing Room, a photo by Jeni Baker on Flickr.
As promised, my crafty goals for 2014!

- Start a Double Wedding Ring Quilt
- Finish vintage sheet Scrappy Trip Around the World Quilt
- Experiment more with free-motion quilting designs
- Start a long term sampler project (I'm thinking the City Sampler?)
- Learn to love sewing curves

Dreamin' Vintage by Jeni Baker
Dreamin' Vintage, a photo by Jeni Baker on Flickr.
Bag and Home Sewing
- Sew a Super Tote
- Make a Sew Together Bag
- Sew another featherweight travel bag (for my second featherweight, eek!)
- Redo living room decor using Dreamin' Vintage (new pillows, table topper etc)
- Make a sewing machine and ironing board cover

Gingham by Jeni Baker
Gingham, a photo by Jeni Baker on Flickr.
Garment Sewing
- Try a few different garment patterns
- Make the Datura Blouse
- Complete half-started Darling Ranges Dress
- Sew something with my nice woven ginghams
- Make myself a pair of Lakeside Pajamas

- Knit a few large shawls (including the Follow Your Arrow KAL)
- Learn to knit mittens
- Try using DPNs
- Join the local knitting guild
- Knit a pair of arm warmers (maybe these?)

What are your crafty goals for this year?


  1. Can I come sew with you the double wedding ring quilt??

  2. http://sewkindofwonderful.blogspot.com

    She has a great pattern and her curves are super easy to do. And, your new fabric would be beautiful in a double wedding ring.

  3. How do you feel about sewing hacks? The kind that make things easy, I mean. I came across one on a blog for sewing DSQ's "Single Girl" without having to cut all those tiny pieces, and I'm sure it could be adapted to a traditional DWR.
    Blog post is here: http://katiesmodernnest.blogspot.com/2011/01/single-girl-and-paper-piecing.html

  4. I really like your sewing/craft room. I can imagine mine looking like this.
    A Double Wedding Ring Quilt is also one of my sewing goals. I'm pretty scared and excited at the same time about it :-D Is there any good tutorial that would help me?

  5. I've got quite a few quilt tops that need to be finished into usable quilts. Love the piecing, hate the quilting. 2014 goal is to be more comfortable with the quilting.

  6. Going to attempt a double wedding ring too! I have been on the hunt for the ruler but they're all sold out everywhere I go. I'm also making a pixelated quilt and I have a big pile of half finished to get done.
    E xx

    1. You can make a double wedding ring without a ruler. I made mine by machine using foundation-paper piecing for the arcs. There is a photo of the end result on my blog if you are curious about a different method.

  7. I have set a few crafty/sewing goals this year - list on my blog. Here's the link:


    Looking forward to seeing yours come to fruition over the year too.

  8. Great list of goals....we are doing a QAL for the Gypsy Wife quilt that should be fun. My goals I broke out so that I can plan my fabric purchases :-) and ensure I start finishing all my WiPs.


    Have fun with yours!!

  9. Good luck with all of your goals!! I can help you with several of your knitting ones, if you'd like! I've knit several pairs of mittens and double point needles are not difficult to master. Also, I go to most of the Madison Knitter's Guild meetings, but can't make it to the one this month.

  10. Great plans! Looking forward to your next fabric designs too. What kind of wedding ring are you thinking about? A classic or more modern version?

  11. The Madison Knitters Guild looks pretty cool! I finally reopened the box of all my knits in progress to try to start a new one (ironically enough).

    I don't really have an official list of crafty goals for this year. I suppose finishing something that I have already started would be nice. I agree with one of the comments above that the actual quilting part is not the best.

  12. I need to finish up some UFO's and learn how to quilt a big quilt on my sewing machine.

  13. I made a large list on Jan. 1 and posted it in my sidebar so I would constantly be reminded-I love checking off lists! Love your blog and seeing the colors you use!

  14. yay to goals! I also have a pair of lakeside pj's on the list. They are cut out and now I have to start making 7 yards of bias tape - ah! My goal is to be right in the moment in my projects, no hurried progress and no established plans. Just make what I want when the time is right. Good luck with your goals!

  15. Wow! What a big beautiful list. Can't wait to see the end results. :)

  16. Your sewing room looks really great but it is too clean . You need to start on your projects list soon and mess it up, then I will not feel so bad about my messy sewing room. I am Looking forward to Dreaming Vintage.

  17. I will be 52 in March and started knitting when I was seven years old, so one of my goals for this year is just to knit as much as I can---I've been cranking out mittens and socks lately. I am not much of a quilter, though, and I would like to master applying binding by machine. Your new fabric collection is dear---it really does remind me of the sheets and other textiles I remember from the '70's. (And yes, I realize I probably started knitting before you were even born! I can tell you that time really does fly by.)

  18. a double wedding ring quilt is one of my goals for this year too! I want to have it done before July because my best friend is getting married... I should get working on that lol

  19. Hi Jeni! I too need to learn to love curves... I'm about 1/3 through an orange peel quilt that I convince. myself I should master the curves there, instead of applique-ing them. And now I'm avoiding it every time I enter my sewing room! Love your goals! Best of luck in 2014!


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