Dreamin' Vintage Quilt Market Projects Part 1

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dreamin' Vintage Lined Drawstring Bags
Happy Monday! This week is all about Dreamin' Vintage! It's arrival is imminent and much anticipated around here.  I can hardly wait! So, it's time to finally share the projects I made for my Quilt Market booth last Fall! Today I'll be sharing the bags, accessories, and garments, and tomorrow I'll share the home projects and quilts.  We'll finish things off with the coordinating blenders and solids on Thursday!

Dreamin' Vintage Lined Drawstring Bags
You know I can't let new fabric pass through here without making drawstring bags, right? You might recognize these bags from the Gusset Video Tutorial I did for Fat Quarter Shop! I made the snack size, everything size, project size, and artist size bags! They can all my found in the Lined Drawstring Bag Pattern.  Don't forget, the everything size is still available as a free tutorial!

Dreamin' Vintage Tote Bags
I made a few tote bags as well! A large market tote bag, a library size tote bag, and a scrappy smaller tote bag.  The larger two are based on my own measurements, with a few fun details.  The scrappy one was a ready-made bag I already had that I sewed a scrappy pocket to! It was a fun way to use up scraps!

Dreamin' Vintage Zipper Pouches
I stitched up a few simple zipper pouches with gussets.  I didn't use a particular pattern but you can see how I make zipper pouches in this tutorial.

Dreamin' Vintage 241 Tote
Anna's 241 Tote Pattern was perfect for showing off the versatility of these prints! I used two prints paired with sandstone Pure Element!

Dreamin' Vintage Ruby Dress
Since I had very limited fabric, I had to get creative with the garments I made.  I knew Rae's Ruby Dress Pattern would be perfect! I paired my favorite print with parisian blue Pure Element.

Dreamin' Vintage Wiksten Tank
I had to sew up my tried and true standby, the Wiksten Tank Pattern. I paired this print with quartz pink Pure Element.

Dreamin' Vintage Colorblock Skirt
Finally, I tried making a simple skirt! It ended up a little too small, but that's okay! I used the Colorblock Skirt Tutorial and paired the print with parisian blue Pure Element.

Dreamin' Vintage Craft Apron
A simple craft apron seemed appropriate! The apron is split into four pockets for lots of storage space! This will be a free tutorial coming next month! I paired the prints with sweet pea Oval Element.

Dreamin' Vintage Infinity Scarf
Another simple but pretty project was an infinity scarf!

Dreamin' Vintage Scarf
I couldn't resist playing with the warm/cool contrast I love in this quick and easy scarf!

See you tomorrow for more Dreamin' Vintage projects! You can see more photos of these projects in the Dreamin' Vintage Flickr set.


  1. Everything is LOVELY and the fabric is so sweet! I can't wait to see it in person.

  2. This line has a great colour palette and I love the soft edges of the prints. Definitely I can see some pretty dresses coming to stay at my house...

  3. Everything looks awesome! I see you got your reprint with pink too, yay!! :)

  4. Everything looks awesome! I see you got your reprint with pink too, yay!! :)

  5. Lovely projects and beautiful fabrics! It is like a dream!

  6. Absolutely lovely fabrics. This is my favorite line yet. You just get better and better.

  7. Such a sweet collection!!! Love the tank!! And everything :)

  8. What a beautiful gallery of projects! They all look great. The noodle head bag looks especially nice in those fabrics.

  9. These all look fantastic - can't wait to get my hands on this collection! Good job :-)

  10. These are really lovely fabrics!

  11. Very fun! Really looking forward to this line!

  12. Beautiful collection. I love the quilts. I want to make all 3!

  13. Love this collection and just purchased the pink/orange color way. I would love to do the 241 tote. Could you tell me what you used for the solid color? It looks almost like a clay/like khaki color as opposed to a linen white?


  14. Love this blog! Do you have the tutorial up for the simple craft apron you've featured here? Would love to make one too!


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