Thursday, May 29, 2014

Happy Thursday! I was planning to share some Quilt Market photos today, but I am unprepared, so they will have to wait until next week! Instead, I thought I'd share a few photos that otherwise probably wouldn't have made it to the blog.  Just some tidbits if you will!

I got a quilt bound this week! Hoping to tackle a few more in the next couple days so I can share them! I still bind everything by machine, using this method.

I've been continuing to practice my free-motion swirl quilting. It does seem to be improving! It still takes me forever, but I'm happy with how far it's come. Angela's book Free Motion Quilting with Angela Walters was a big help in tackling those swirls!

Miss Babs - Deep Sea Jellyfish
My "I survived Quilt Market" treat was a giant (and I mean giant!) skein of Miss Babs yarn! I went with Yowza Whatta Skein in Deep Sea Jellyfish! It's delicious. I haven't been knitting much, mostly because I was sewing so much for Market.  I also had to tear out my last two projects because of careless mistakes. Oh well! Thankfully yarn is more salvageable than fabric!

Target Flowers
I just realized these roses perfectly coordinate with that yarn! I couldn't believe it when I found these at a Super Target for $10! Who could resist?

Pancake House
Lei and I throughly enjoy frequenting the Original Pancake House here in Madison. I can't wait to go back this weekend, their Dutch Delight is ridiculously good!

Friendship Pyrex Bowl Set
After years of hunting, I finally snatched up the elusive Orange 404 bowl for my Friendship Pyrex Bowl set! I am so happy that it is finally complete, I really love this set.

Can you spot George bunny? :)

Have a great day!


  1. I didn't realize you live in Madison...WI (?) ......our daughters, son in law, grandson and granddaughter all live in Madison. It is a wonderful area. Do you ever teach in the Madison area? Would love to take a class and since I have free housing........... :-)

    1. I do! I teach once or twice a week here in Madison at The Sewcial Lounge!

  2. The friendship pattern is my favorite one. I have want to collect a whole bunch of the small ones to make a set of those but refuse paying more that $5/bowl

  3. I like the free-motion swirl quilt a lot! Lovely <3


  4. I just love looking at the stitching in the first picture. The stitches are perfect and your binding is so beautiful. Now I have to go look at my Pyrex collection and see if I have that set!!

  5. We had those bowls! Fun bunch of pictures today :)

  6. love your post - lots of great pics, especially your FMQ.

  7. Love the swirls...I have yet to tackle that fmq design.

  8. Of course I see George! He is much cuter than his 'friends' surrounding him. :D
    Love your swirl quilting and your bindings are awesome.

  9. Oh I do love your LSP doll! And Jake with stretchy limbs - fantastic!

  10. I love the binding fabric in your 1st photo so have to ask do you recall the shade? In fact I love the peach and plum theme running through your photos today, obviously beautifully accented with a sweet pop of black on the last photo!


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