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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Quilt ladder
Happy Wednesday! I'm back, at least for today. This month has been pretty draining. I am working towards finishing up some deadlines, doing regular work, trying to keep the apartment in order, and planning our wedding from afar. Plus, it was Michael's birthday and our anniversary this month.

I haven't had much to talk about or show in this space, and honestly I think I needed a little break. I've been pretty quiet on Instagram too, I guess I've pulled back from most social media this month, and it's been good. I can't do everything, so something has to give. Hopefully next month things can get back to normal.

I did find time recently to refresh the quilt ladder. I love having quilts on display! It was made using this tutorial.

Fantastic Quilt Voyage
I've joined a quilt bee for the first time in years and I'm pretty excited about it. It's a traveling bee, so we had to send out our quilt "start" last month. I choose some orphaned blocks that all happened to coordinate in color. I can't wait to find time to work on this project.

Schwimmen hat in progress
I started my first knitting project of 2015, a Schwimmen hat (pattern by Shannon Cook). It's another gray hat, because I love gray hats. This is the fourth gray hat I have made, whoops! Oh well, I know what I like! More on my Ravelry.

Sewing room
We are finally to the point where we are simply running out of space in our apartment. Since we aren't planning on moving until we leave Madison, this means some purging is necessary. Thankfully, I love ridding through things, so it's not all bad. This past weekend I tackled my sewing room. I took almost everything out of the wall of closets, and got rid of a decent amount of stuff. Not enough, but there is nothing being stored on the floor anymore, so definitely an improvement! I also ordered this FJÄLKINGE shelving unit from Ikea to take better advantage of the space between my sewing table and the window. It's definitely one of the better quality pieces I've seen from there, and it fits perfectly.

Ice in Lake Mendota
Last month when it wasn't quite so cold (it's 2 degrees right now), we got brave and went out onto Lake Mendota for some photos of the ice. It was really cool. Don't worry, this is as far as we got from the shore.

George and I
George bunny has been good. He is so sweet, I like to pick him up for a squeeze everyday. He has been waking us up every morning at about 6:30am to go out in his play area. Stinker!

One more George photo just for good measure, cause he is so cute!

Have a great day!


  1. Yay for you! Please keep the bunny pics coming -- I am a bunny mom too and your Georgie is so adorable!

  2. Awe I am currently drinking coffee out of my heart cup and oh goodness that bunny is sensational! CUTE! So happy you are back!

  3. Yes. Welcome back. Ar you leaving Madison? When/where is the wedding?
    My daughter lives in NYC and got married in Toronto, Canada. One thing we discovered (early, thank goodness) was that if we got a dress in NYC the wedding shop (Kleins) said we would have to stuff the dress like a person and buy it a seat on the airplane!!So, the dress was purchased in Toronto.
    That was another whole story--but just to say--many, many brides buy more than one dress. My daughter said the best advice she would give anyone--only shop for a wedding dress with your MOM. Leave girlfriends etc. at home!

  4. Jeni:
    If you ever want to get rid of fabric scaps, dejunking or whatever, I will pay for postage to have them sent. We use scraps for many purposes, and would love to get more. Thanks! Thanks for your bog and creativity also!

  5. George is a cutie. We had a house bunny trained to a litter box 30+ years ago, so I love to see his photos.

  6. Meant to say this the first time I saw this photo but I love your new hair cut so adorable and just right for you. Swingy :) Love you and George!

  7. Rosemary B here:
    I love these photos. You are so beautiful. I know how busy life can be.
    Your apartment loos just perfect. I love that icy photo too,
    You are loved

  8. I keep wanting to knit a grey hat and just haven't yet! I have the yarn in my stash though :)
    Adorable bunny pics!

  9. Thanks for the link for the quilt ladder tutorial. I've been wanting one and hunting Craigslist for a vintage one for a while with no luck so I may end up having hubby make me a new one instead. And taking a break is always good for the soul. I planned our wedding from afar and I know how tough that can be.

  10. I don't know how i missed this one! (My 18 yo son just requested to see more George pics cuz he hadn't seen him in awhile:) ) And our common question is, Just how does a bunny wake one up?!? :) Y'all look adorable, as ever!

    1. Hehe, he chew on the bars of his cage until I get up and let him out! :)


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