Glamp Stitchalot 2015

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Happy Wednesday! I wanted to chat a bit today about my experience teaching at Glamp Stitchalot last month! I've taught at two Camp Stitchalot events, which are held at a bed and breakfast in Michigan a couple times a year. This was the first Glamp Stitchalot, which was held at a hotel in Ann Arbor, MI. There were five other teachers (Violet Craft, Sarah Fielke, Katy Jones, Alison Glass and Tula Pink) and we all worked together to design a mystery medallion quilt, which students worked on throughout the weekend!

Michael grew up in Saline, which is right outside of Ann Arbor, so I've been to visit the area quite a bit. One of my favorite things about going is Zingerman's bakery. They make the best sourdough! It's so good.

Always traveling with my own quilt! This is my much loved Patchwork Prism quilt made from vintage sheets. Still a favorite. And also two of my Stitches. I got to room with Deedrie, which was awesome!

I was able to visit Pink Castle Fabrics in their newer location, which was awesome! They ave SO much fabric, ahhck! With all the attendees visiting I stepped in to help cut fabric for a while, which was fun! I managed to get out of there with only a couple half yards, phew! Could have done some real damage in there.

A peek at the classroom! Loaded with Janome Skyline S7s!

Here is my version of the mystery medallion quilt. Each of us was responsible for designing a center block and a border, which could be interchanged according to preference! I used every border once. I chose half-square triangles (surprise, surprise!) for my center block and the very last border is mine. Unfortunately, the pattern was exclusive to the event, otherwise I'd direct you to it!

We were also asked to design a t-shirt for the event (if we wanted!). I wanted to keep things simple and also design something that would have all the details from the weekend! I am so pleased with how it turned out, and it's really comfy. I've been getting lots of wear out of it!

I had a great time at Glamp Stitchalot! It was really nice being able to stay inside all weekend, and the attendees were really lovely. The Pink Castle Team (Brenda, Jason, Hayley, Hayley, Josh and more!) did so much to make this a killer event, if you can make it in the future, do it! The June Glamp is sold out, but they do have a waiting list, here.

Brenda and I were pretty excited for the chocolate fountain, duh! A highlight for sure! :)

Happy Quilting!


  1. thanks for the quick recap. I am going to Glamp in June and cannot wait! Ive never been to a sewing retreat before, are there any specific supplies/tools you suggest taking to make my sewing more efficient. It looks like personal space is tight with so many attendees? I am wondering if I should bring a mini cutting mat/pressing board, but wonder if there is actually room- thanks

    1. Hi! Yeah, I would definitely recommend a small cutting mat! Also, I think they are re-configuring things for June a bit in terms of the classroom and personal space! :)

    2. The really small one, 6x8"? I have the 12x18, but that seems like it might be too big. thanks, again!

    3. Actually, I think the 12x18! A number of folks used them on other tables, their laps, and even spread out on the floor!

  2. Jeni - you were a delight! I had a great time at Glamp, it was my first sewing retreat ever

  3. A room full of Janomes, Zingerman's and a chocolate fountain! The quilting was totally the delicious icing on a very amazing cake :) I may have to start saving my pennies!

  4. Wow! That room full of Janomes is pretty impressive :) love your shirt campy, and stitchy all at the same time! I am so excited to start a medallion of my own design this year...incorporating some orphan elements laying around....what a great idea for a retreat, with all you talented ladies!!!

  5. Jeni, I had so much fun learning from you at Glamp! You are such a lovely person and I'm so glad I had the chance to meet you in person. (Don't tell anyone, but yours and Tula's were my favorite t-shirts. ;-))


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