2015 in Review

Thursday, December 31, 2015

I don't even know where to begin in reviewing this past year. So much was crammed in, it's hard to process! Let's just say there were plenty of freak out moments and diet coke to get through this past year.

Personally, I was so happy to get married this year. I don't know what I would do without Michael. I definitely would have gone crazy by now! We had a wonderful day surrounded by family, and then escaped to Disney World. All a dream come true.

Photo by Dennis Crider for Imagen Photography.

Professionally, I checked a big thing off my list this year with my book, Patchwork Essentials: The Half-Square Triangle. I put so much work into this book, and it's both exciting and terrifying to think it's actually out in the world now! A big thank you to Lucky Spool for making this possible. I have some fun stuff planned for it in 2016, hopefully early in the year!

Let's be real though, the biggest news this past year was that George now has his own fabric. I released my fifth fabric collection with Art Gallery Fabrics, Curiosities, in June!

This year I discovered Tsum Tsums, and am now a happy member of the Tsum Tsum of the month club! Yes, it is a real thing!

Knitting continued to be the perfect hobby for me, and I finished 15 projects this year! I really tried to challenge myself to try new things. I knit my first sweater, knit colorwork, tried weaving and knit three pairs of mittens. Plus, tried felting for the first time! I have lots of projects to share still.

I finished three of the book quilts in January this year, but otherwise didn't have a ton of quilt finishes. Three I have yet to share, will be able to do that soon!

I did manage to make five pincushions this year. My love of pincushions continues to grow!

It's always fun looking back on the year, and this sure was a busy one! Will share some goals and resolutions for 2016 next week. In the meantime, Happy New Year! Thank you for your continued support. It was a quieter year that usual here on the blog, I'm hoping to hit the ground running next year and be better about making time to write!


  1. Happy New Year to you, Jeni! Thank you for sticking with the blog, even though your year was crazy busy. I really enjoy reading it and have been following your adventures for years. Congrats on the wedding, the book and the new fabric collection. It was super to meet you at Glamp coz you're just as "real" and fun in person as you are on the blog. I know you're gonna have a wonderful 2016!

  2. Congratulations Jeni and Michael, getting married is so lovely! Wishing you a Happy New Year and I am looking forward to your new posts☺ I love your work!

  3. Looks like you've had a fabulous year! I hope 2016 is as good to you. :)

    I received your book for Christmas and I'm looking forward to working on at least one quilt inspired by it. It's a great book!

  4. Jeni - you are just such a cutie-pie - and so smart and creative. Congratulations on your marriage. Your life just seems to be so perfect and happy. I hope it will always be that way for you!

  5. Jeni-- thanks to you, I have become addicted to the Tsum Tsum game!!! I don't go a day without playing it! =O

    Happy New Year!

  6. congratulations to Michael and You! Best wishes for many happy days together. This picture of both of you with George is really precious.
    I am so proud to know you and I enjoy all of your endeavors that you share.
    Happpy New Year

  7. You've had really big things happening this year - from your wedding, your book, the fabric collections, and all that knitting. I hope the next year is just as much fun and exciting!

  8. Congratulations on your wedding! I got your HST book for Christmas and I was smitten and so inspired. There are HST's all over the place here now...it's a good thing!

  9. Thank you for your book, Jeni! I made my first quilt just a few weeks ago, and so my supportive hubby gave me several quilting books for Christmas, yours being one. He said he chose it because of the modern styling, the tutorials, and the beautiful quilts of course. You have saved my sanity, because it never occurred to me to trim blocks after sewing. None of my first quilt's blocks were the same size, so you can imagine my frustration when the seams wouldn't line up. From now on, I will trim anything I can! I'm in the middle of trimming 168 HSTs that I made 8-at-a-time. Thanks again for your inspiration & instruction. You are a truly talented designer.


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