New Aurifil Thread Collection: Tidbits

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Happy Wednesday! I have officially survived QuiltCon and am back home in Wisconsin! I had grand plans to schedule posts while I was gone, but in the rush getting ready to leave, I didn't get to it. I have a list of things to post, and a bit of mandated rest this week to recover physically from the weekend is giving me time to write. I didn't take many photos at the event, but will still share my experience soon!

I'll be sharing more on the quilt in this photo on Friday!

Today however, I'd like to share with you my new thread collection with Aurifil, Tidbits! This new box comes with an updated look that is consistent across all the Art Gallery Fabrics designer boxes. Just like with my Favorite Things collection, Tidbits coordinates with my five fabric collections. Having the experience of curating the first thread collection, I knew exactly what I wanted to do differently for this box. Let's explore it!

Tidbits comes in two sizes, a large box of twelve large spools and a small box of ten smaller spools. This biggest difference between this collection and my last is that this collection features 40wt threads. I still love the 50wt Aurifil thread, but I wanted to do something different for this collection. I have been using the 40wt threads more often for a couple of different reasons. Since I like to sew a variety of projects, including quilts, bags, garments, and home decor items, sewing with a slightly thicker thread has been a more universal option for me. 50wt thread is still my go-to for piecing, but I like the look and feel of the 40wt threads for the quilting, in particular for top-stitching.

The other thing I did differently for Tidbits, was to split the colors into two groups. I chose a range of beautiful jewel toned colors, all of which match my fabrics. I like to think of these as the luxe, indulgent half of the box! The other half of the colors are your workhorse colors. They're a bit more practical for everyday use, plus they match my collections too! They include two shades of tan, two shades of gray, plus black and white. These are colors that we should all have on hand!

I stitched up a little pouch to show off the thread colors in my collection. I found one of my fabrics that coordinates with each color, and pieced them together in a long strip. I added a bit of solid and quilted it using each matching color! I finished the pouch off with a bit of my selvedge in the zipper pull! :)

Tidbits has started arriving in shops, and I am carrying it in my online shop too. Plus, all thread boxes purchased from my shop come with a free pattern! Find my Tidbits and Favorite Things thread boxes here.


  1. I love the thread choices, and the pouch is just sweetness :)

  2. What great thread collections, Jeni! I love the look of the different threads across the solid fabric and into those gorgeous prints of yours. I'm going to have to try this, too!


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