June Catch-up

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Happy Weekend! I wanted a do a bit of a catch-up post, since things have been pretty quiet around here lately! I just got back from two weeks in Ohio with my family. I had really good intentions about blogging while I was away, but it didn't exactly happen! Michael and I drove home the week of the 6th, and then he flew back that following weekend. I stayed longer for a pretty important reason...

We had fun experimenting with my new blow torch making crème brûlée. Our favorite recipe was this one, but we subbed half the cream with half and half.

THE CLEVELAND CAVALIERS WON AN NBA CHAMPIONSHIP! We went home in part to go to the Finals home games, and I stayed until the series was over. It was the perfect Father's Day gift for my Dad, I don't know how we're going to top it next year! I grew up and went to college in the Cleveland area, and my Dad and I have been going to games together since 2003. I'm so happy for my city and state! Yay!

Since I was staying for so long, I brought my sewing machine with me. My Mom and I set up shop on their long farm table and sewed off and on while I was there. I got caught up on my double wedding ring wedges, finished a quilt top, bound two quilts, plus a few other things. I stitched up a big artist size drawstring bag (from the pattern version), to hold some special stuffed animals from my childhood. Of course I had to use my favorite print from Dreamin' Vintage.

I also had a chance to sew up some heart blocks for #quiltsforpulse. The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild is collecting blocks, quilt tops, and finished quilts to be donated to the victims and families of the shooting at Pulse in Orlando earlier this month. I made a rainbow of blocks using Alison Harris's heart block tutorial. Learn more about their efforts and how to help here.

More news from this month, my teaching home and local fabric shop The Sewcial Lounge is closing their doors. I'm sad, but I know that it is what's best for Sara and her family. It's definitely bittersweet! For locals, tomorrow is their last day open, they'll be there from 10am-2pm. You can also shop their Etsy shop and save 40% with code "LASTCALL" here: thesewciallounge.etsy.com. They'll be adding more items next week so keep an eye on it!

Of course my Mom and I did plenty of thrifting and antiquing while I was home! I was over the moon to find one of my very favorite vintage sheets new in the package for $5! That little metal set of drawers is going to hold my machine needles and bobbins! The shelf is an Ohio berry box that someone added shelves too which is cool! I love using big towels in the kitchen, and those two-tone ones are my favorite. Happy to add a couple more to my stash!

It's wild black raspberry season here! Woohoo!

Since crème brûlée uses only egg yolks, we ended up with lots of leftover egg whites. So what else is there to do except bake angelfood cake? It's the perfect way to enjoy strawberry season. I learned to make it using my friend Deedrie's angelfood primer. Beyond the recipe, she shares lots of great tips!

Blackie was a complete quilt-cat while I was home. Anytime I set down a quilt, she made a beeline for it. I have five or so photos of her on this quilt over the course of my visit. She appreciates the softness of vintage sheet quilts!

And let's end this super long post with a George photo! He came with us, and stayed with me. He loves running around at home, because he can go under the bed. It's pretty much the best thing ever in George's opinion!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I was loving you for the creme brulee. I almost have to make two batches, one for me and one for everyone else! And then to incorporate the angel food cake. Sigh....I'm doomed.

  2. So fun for you to go to those games with your dad. My dad and I share an alma mater and try to hit at least one game a year together. Seeing your lovely fabric makes me sad all over that I didn't discover you sooner. Am I right that it is no longer available?

  3. Watch out for George if the bed is made of wood! Our Toby Bun (mini Dutch) loved to chew the bottom of the cross beams on ours which luckily were unfinished wood. He was the same size as George.

  4. Wow, you've been busy!! Congratulations on coming up with the 'best ever' Father's Day gift. :D I like your heart blocks. I'm almost finished with a quilt top and debating whether I should try to finish it off or let Orlando deal with the quilting. Always happy to see a photo of cute George.

  5. Your creme brulee looks perfect in the little heart dish with the strawberries. So pretty and yummy! And what great thrifting finds! I love the little set of drawers.

  6. Oh my, George.
    He is such a good bun.
    I am so happy to hear all about your adventures this month. All very good news.
    You went home at a good time, not so HOT yet.
    This is sad news about your favorite fabric shop.
    I love all of the news you shared. I love Angel Food cake,

  7. Mmmm, that bowl of wild black razz makes me think of my Aunt Carm's pie!!!


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