August 2016 Report

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Happy Thursday! I have been trying to get this post written all week! I made a split second decision Saturday morning to road trip to Ikea and the Container Store (my favorite). I spent the weekend making a huge mess and reorganizing the entire apartment. I'm happy to say that everything is put away and I think it's better than it was before!

Last month didn't include a lot of sewing, so perhaps that's the other reason I've been putting off this post. We ended up having an incident with a neighbor that almost resulted in an emergency move for us. It was stressful and left both Michael and I feeling uneasy. Thankfully it will be resolved later this month (with us staying put), but in the meantime our day-to-day has been different and I've been distracted from my regular activities. Cleaning and reorganizing has been a nice way to refresh and take my mind off things.

I am getting geared up for Fall knitting, and last month I worked a decent amount on Drachenfels. I was really excited to start the third color, which is really beautiful Moonrover. This is the first time I've knit with it, and it's knitting up amazing.

As I've mentioned, to keep myself accountable I'm tracking my yardage for both yarn and fabric. Here is how I did in August:

August Fabric
Used up: 183 yards
Brought in: 29 yards
Net: -154 yards
Year to date: -187.875 yards

August Yarn
Used up: 0 yards
Brought in: 237 yards
Net: +237 yards
Year to date: +1324 yards

I am SO happy with my yardage totals this month! There is obviously some explaining to do. We had our annual cabin retreat last month, and oftentimes we bring fabric or other crafty goodies to share. I went through my stash and was pretty ruthless. I pulled 165 yards of fabric to take with me. It was fun to share, and what was left went to a guild's freebie table. I only brought 8.5 yards of fabric back home with me! Another good chunk of August's yardage is a quilt back and some 108" wide Kona I'm going to dye and turn into a shower curtain!

Looking at my goals, I pretty much completely missed the mark. The only sewing I did other than my Stowe Bag, was to finish up sewing for my two forthcoming patterns. Most of my time was spent on the computer, rather than behind the sewing machine. While I may not have met any of my sewing related goals this month, I am going to be ready to release two patterns in September, and I'm really happy about that.

I did start a new long-term project that is on my goal list! I didn't include it in my goals post, but it's on the full-list. That project/goal is to make a quilt from my Liberty of London stash. I've decided to make 180 churn-dash blocks, using just Liberty. The blocks can be found in my friend Christina's book, Quilting Happiness. I have three done and I'm loving them. I'm pairing fabrics and cutting as I go, which is not how I usually work, but it has been fun.

George the bunny is in a flopping phase! He goes through phases with his relaxing. Right now his favorite spot is on the mat between his little box and little basket. And he has been flopping over like crazy, much to my delight! :)

Happy September!


  1. Neighbor problems are just the worst short of serious illness. Hope things resolve quickly and you can feel at home in your home soon. And thanks for explaining that fabric yardage drop! I was feeling like I must be doing something very wrong.

    1. Agreed! Yeah, that would have been crazy if I had actually sewn up that much fabric! It felt really good to let some go! :)

  2. Aw I just love George! One of our two bunnies likes to flop and the other bun just likes to sit like a fluffball.

    1. I love when he flops, it's just the cutest! George seems to prefer fluffball sitting in the winter!

  3. I'm familiar with the neighbor incidents - hope all resolves well. It's so hard. Always loving your purple knitting! I feel like I spend SO much time at the computer, writing and formatting. It's hard to balance when things are due.

  4. Pretty crafting! Love the rabbit and flowers too ♥

  5. yay for a trip to ikea and the container store. I feel the need to do the same coming on! good work on that destash, man, I bet that feels good! I love flopping phase. :)

  6. I'm sorry you're having issues with neighbors. Sadly, I know the feeling. Our neighborhood has changed for the worse. We have a few bad neighbors, but we own our house & an agent told us basically "good luck" trying to sell to move to a healthier environment :(

  7. OH George is adorable. I have two cornish rex kitties and they are a lot like bunnies.
    I need to downsize my whole house.
    I love your zinnias, and sewing space. the knitting is beautiful!
    Sorry about your incident with the neighbor. Stuff like that happens. People are weird

  8. When I saw your 183 yards of fabric used, I was like "What!?" How in the world ... ? Cleaning out and sharing! Great way to get through the yardage! And, after all, sharing is caring. :-)

  9. Well well Your home looks so calm and beautiful - I'd love to spend time here.


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