Patchwork Halloween Projects

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Happy Thursday! I've gone a bit Halloween crazy. Cutting up my stash of Halloween fabrics for my Webbed Quilt sort of opened the flood gates. Up until then I hadn't cut into hardly any of my stash, and now I can't stop! I've been wanting to make more holiday decorations, but they kept getting pushed to the bottom of my list. This year I decided it was about time to get that done. I love decorating for holidays, especially Halloween and Christmas.

After I made my Coffin Block Pillow, I had a bunch of weird triangular scraps leftover. That was a bit of a starting point for the projects that ensued. But first, I was determined to make myself a spooky a door sign!

I've been resisting the cute door signs at Target this year, because I knew I could make one instead. I knew I wanted it to say either "Boo" or "Eek", but ended up landing on boo. I couldn't find any letter patterns that were quite what I wanted, so I drew these up. It was a fun afternoon of piecing!

I used a light gray print for the background and a texty black print for the letters. Jacey gave me this cool bird fabric that I thought felt sort of spooky! It's bound up in a moth spiderweb print from Alexander Henry.

For the back, I used scraps from my Webbed Quilt backing. I also put two corner pockets in before binding. To hang it, I simply slide a dowel into the pockets, easy!

We have a small dresser and a side table in our living room that both get toppers, so it made sense to make some festive ones. Lots of scraps for this one!

I quilted some wavy lines on this topper.

Another Halloween print for the back, so that it's reversible if I get tired of the scrappy front. More likely there will a spill and I'll need a second side to use! :)

This one is for the small side table, another scrappy one! It felt good to use up scraps that I had just made.

Another Halloween print for the back, this time ghosts!

More wavy quilting. This is such an easy technique, you simply rock the quilt back and worth while using a walking foot. Very forgiving.

Finally, a little tiny mini to go inside the Pyrex dish we use to corral our keys and change. I love this spider print!

Went with a simple diagonal grid for the quilting on this one.

And funky monsters on the other side!

On top of using scraps for most of these, I also used binding scraps to finish them off, which felt really good! Those tend to linger over here, I'm not very good at using them up. A benefit of small projects!

I had a lot of fun making these and we've already been enjoying them. These projects were a good reminder for me, that I don't need to make anything crazy complicated or big to be satisfied creatively. I smile every time I see them!

Happy Quilting!


  1. I love little projects like this in between larger quilts. I get a sense of completion and feel ready to tackle something bigger. Your table toppers are adorable.

  2. Very cute, although you would NEVER catch me doing anything with a spider! Love the owls. It won't happen this year but I'd love to make your webbed quilt.

  3. I really like the verity of the small sizes. I could see hanging them all together or used on different surfaces

  4. I love all of these, Jeni.
    Happy Friday to you and yours, and of course, George

  5. These look so fun and pretty ♥

  6. Super cute! I spent time this weekend on Halloween inspired projects as well, a table runner, mug rug, trick or treat bag, and some coffee koozies. So much fun!


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