Patchwork Essentials: Waypoint Quilt

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Wednesday! Today I want to share one of the quilts from my book, Patchwork Essentials: The Half-Square Triangle. The quilt I'm sharing today is the Waypoint quilt (far left), which is in the Relative Scale chapter of the book.

For more information on my book and what it's all about, see here.

This quilt design began with a challenge. I wanted to use three different sized half-square triangle blocks in one quilt. I quickly settled on a medallion style design, with the blocks getting larger as the quilt is built outward. The resulting quilt has arrows similar to a compass. A waypoint is a landmark or reference used for navigation purposes, hence the name.

For the colors, I used this print as a starting point. It's from an old Moda line, Sugar Pop by Liz Scott. I really love purple and orange together, so this print makes me really happy. To go with it, I chose blenders in each of the colors represented in this quilt.

Learn how to build color schemes with my Art of Choosing series of posts, which includes a post on building a color scheme around a single fabric.

© 2015 Lauren Hunt for Lucky Spool Media.

Waypoint is one of the smaller quilts in the book, it would be a great small lap or large baby quilt. Since this quilt takes advantage of many large half-square triangle blocks, it's pretty quick to stitch up.

© 2015 Lauren Hunt for Lucky Spool Media.

For the quilting, I wanted to keep it simple since the color scheme is pretty bold. I used a light purple thread to match. The quilting is organic lines done with a walking foot.

© 2015 Lauren Hunt for Lucky Spool Media.

For each quilt in the book there is a block or entire quilt top sewn in a different color variation. The variation for Waypoint features another bold color scheme! I need to get this one quilted up and finished.

I used up the last bit of some Ikea yardage for the back of this quilt. It's bound up in one of my all-time favorite prints, from Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidt. It's a perfect match for the other prints in this quilt. I love how it ties it all together.

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Happy Quilting!


  1. I just dug out a large scrap of that Sugar Pop print for a quilt. It's really hard to combine those colors without going too hard on the eyes. Great usage of the print.

  2. I love this quilt design! I am often attracted to a brighter bigger design and this fits the bill!

  3. So happy to see you making a name for yourself and a career in the sewing and quilting business with your blog, quilt designs, fabric lines and now a book. I have been a follower of yours for many years. I use your folding instructions to store my stash in big stacking flat drawers in my sewing room. Thanks for your creative hard work.

  4. I love your book and I appreciate the reminder to go back and review some of your posts that started me following you to begin with ... like the art of choosing fabrics. I so appreciate your thoughtful approach to all things quilty. Happy Thanksgiving. Will we see a photo of George in a pilgrim's hat? :D

  5. Love your Waypoint quilt. I like its medallion style and the change of scale to achieve the double block effect...Thanks for the inspiration.


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