Triangular Zipper Pouches

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Happy Tuesday! I enjoy making handmade gifts, so the last few months a did a lot of secret making. Between a few December birthdays and Christmas, there were plenty of things to make. One of the things I made was a set of fun zipper pouches!

I found the Triangle Pouch Sewing Tutorial by A Spoonful of Sugar on Pinterest a while back and I decided it was finally time to make one. The tutorial size calls for a 4" zipper. I ordered a few from Zipit and got to work. I originally made two, one for Jacey and one for Deedrie as a part of a Christmas swap. Deedrie's pouch is above. I used a print from Bird's Eye View by Sarah Watson for the outside.

A few weeks after making the pouches, I got the idea to turn Jacey's into a set for her birthday. I sized up the measurements in the original tutorial proportionally for a 7" zipper and a 10" zipper. They look so cute all together, and they nestle perfectly! I skipped the patchwork on all of mine and used fusible fleece.

I decided to use multicolored prints with a white background for Jacey's set. Similar choice to the set of nesting fabric bowls I made a few years ago.

The smallest one in the set is the original tutorial size. It used a 4" zipper. The exterior print is Retro Fruit by Kei.

The medium pouch used a 7" zipper. I used a print from Bird's Eye View for this one.

The largest pouch used a 10" zipper, and a used a print from Luxe in Bloom by Sarah Watson for the exterior.

I'm not sure what they'll be practical to store, but they were just too cute. I had a lot of fun making them and I am so pleased with how they turned out! It was fun to make something different.

Happy Sewing!


  1. I made a bunch of thesse last week! Quick and fun!

  2. I made these for Xmas last year and included a gift certificate inside. They are great for traveling - jewelry, small cosmetics - I have several in my purse - for lip stuff and small eye drops and pills I might need after a lunch out etc. Love them! They were kind of a challenge but oh so cute!

  3. I love your little - and big :) - zipper pouches. I've been wanting to make the small one, and even bought some nice zippers intimidated. Someday...:)! Yours are so cute!

  4. Super cute! I want to make one to transport the pacifier of our sweetie.

  5. If you put a tab at the top with a key clip, you could make these into really cute clothes pin containers.

  6. Oh, they are really cute :) Jola

  7. Jeni, the zipper pouches are so adorable.
    I love the fabrics, so so pretty, and the sizes are so sweet. What a fun project

  8. They'd be great for clover clips

  9. I feel like a tiny one would make a great coin purse. Side question - how do you think these would sew up in an oilcloth/laminated fabric?


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