Sew Yummy Sewing Machine Cover

Thursday, May 4, 2017

In February of this year, I decided I wanted to make myself a handmade cover for my sewing machine. I sew on a Janome 1600P (see my review here), and it did come with a cover. It does a fine job, but I wanted something cuter and with a little more padding to it.

I used the original cover's measurements to draft a new cover, with a few modifications to add a lining and add extra protection for my machine. For the fabric, I chose to use fat quarters from Monica Solorio Snow's Sew Yummy fabric for Cloud 9 Fabrics. It's been in my stash waiting for the perfect project.

Since I was working with fat quarters, each side of my cover is a different fabric! To give the cover structure and provide support for my machine, I quilted the exterior pieces with a layer of batting and cotton canvas.

The cover is fully lined and finished off with binding along the bottom edge.

I love all the fun prints, they're so happy and perfect for a sewing machine cover.

For the handle, I created a lined slit in the top, just like you would to do to put in an inset zipper pocket (this technique minus the zipper). Doing this meant that I had to put the exterior and interior together while the respective top pieces were already connected. It was a fit fussy at times, but I really wanted it to be completely lined, and I didn't want to finish the slit with bias tape.

I also made a little handle cover that I quilted and applied velcro to. This is a heavy machine, and the handle can really dig into your hands. This cover helps!

I had a lot of fun making this cover. If I had to make it again, I'd probably adjust the measurements a little, but it will do just fine as is. Now I can travel with my machine in style!

Happy Sewing!


  1. I have been wanting to do this also, cannot figure out the top slit, thought I was going to have to do buttonhole around the slit, can you explaine how you finished the edge of the slit? Thanks!!

    1. I finished the slit by using the same technique used to do an inset zippered pocket, minus the zipper. -

  2. This is just the cutest thing! I love, l.o.v.e, LOVE the fabric you chose. Those zippers . . . so cute. ~smile~ I need to make one for my machine - I just said that to myself last night.

  3. Very good looking, cute and clever. I love Monica's prints.

  4. Adorable, but did I miss the tutorial? My machine doesn't have a cover at all I have nothing to start with 🙂

    1. I didn't use a tutorial! This is just a personal project.


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