December Monthly Report

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy January! It's time for December's monthly report. See past reports here.

This month's report is a bit of a formality, as I did zero crafting in December! We made our move from Wisconsin to our new state of Connecticut, with a few days spent with family in Ohio in between. I'm excited to share that we bought our first home! We're very happy to be leaving apartment living behind. We will look back fondly on our time in Madison (already miss it lots), but we were pretty tired of our living situation there.

We've already been painting and fixing things up, I'll share more soon! Michael has a few more days before he starts his new job, and we've been taking advantage of every moment to get as much done as we can!

One little corner that we got put together right away was in our living room. Having a space to relax in the evenings was a big milestone in the moving process for us! Most of my Pyrex and enamelware is in Ohio at my parent's house, so I'm decorating with my quilts in the meantime. I picked up this tall shelf from Ikea that fits perfectly in this spot by the TV.

I did manage to make a few Christmas gifts this year! One was a yoga bag for my Dad, which I forgot to get a photo of. I was able to use leftover waxed canvas and webbing from the duffle bag I made Michael a few years ago. I made my Mom a Singer Featherweight mini quilt for her craft room! The block is a free pattern from Artisania, you can find it here. It has a lot of pieces, but it does turn out super cute.

To keep myself accountable for my stash goals, I'm tracking my yardage for fabric and yarn each month. Read more about how I track my here. Here is how I did in December:

December Fabric
Used up: 0 yards
Brought in: 0 yards
Net: 0 yards
Year to date: -295 yards

December Yarn
Used up: 787 yards
Brought in: 0 yards
Net: -787 yards
Year to date: -6854.5 yards

I'll be back soon with my end-of-the-year wrap up post as well as thoughts and goals for the new year.

Bobbie enjoying a quilt after we celebrated Christmas. (Find the tutorial for this quilt here: Modern Plus Quilt Tutorial)

George the bun is very happy that he isn't in the car anymore. It's been extra cold lately (I think we brought Wisconsin winter with us), and he has enjoyed snuggling under a quilt. He's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Have a Great Month!


  1. Congratulations on your new home and hubs new job. The little singer featherweight quilt is adorable. Happy New Year!

  2. Congrats on the new home, Jeni! I can't wait to see a few more pics of the place, and watch your progress as you make it your own. I know it will be lovely. Happy 2018!

  3. What a cute little home. Congratulations! Hope we will see pictures of your sewing room.
    Will you bring your Pyrex collection?

    1. For sure! We ran out of room in the moving trailer this trip, but the rest is coming out this Spring!

  4. Congratulations on your new home! It's an exciting time for you!

  5. Super exciting times for you & your family. Congratulations on becoming a home owner! My cousin lives in Shelton. Are you near there?

    susiefloozie33 at gmail dot com

  6. Oh my dear Jeni, how wonderful for you both to have purchased your 1st home together. Lots of memories to build. Always enjoy reading your notes/pics and will forward to more to come. Best Wishes for a lovely New Year.

  7. Jeni, congratulations to both of you on the house purchase. You will like Connecticut... Virginia would have been better of course, but I am so glad that you are settled in and can have a productive winter inside.
    Your house is super great. I know you will meet some great new friends.
    I am so happy that George and Bobbie made the trip albeit suffering with cold. Do they cuddle together?
    Happy New Year and Best wishes on your new adventure

    1. They don't! Bobbie lives at my parents house, but she does usually come and check out George through the bars of his play area. Always interested in each other! :)

  8. I'm so glad you're starting to get settled! I can't wait to see what the new year brings you and yours. <3

  9. Congratulations on your new home and Happy New Year. I look forward to seeing your projects in the coming months.

  10. Ah ha! The truth is out--you love your quilts more than your Pyrex :) Congratulations on your new home and Happy New Year!

  11. Congratulations!Your new home is lovely! I hope you enjoy fixing up to your liking. We were married 20 yrs before we were able to buy our first home, and I remember how exciting it was to finally have our own place! Your critters look happy to finally be settled in too. I always love when you post pixs of your adorable, sweet bunny!

  12. Bobbie and George are so precious!!!
    Congrats on your new home. It’s beautiful!
    Your record keeping and goal setting are exceptional! I need you to come show me how you do it!!!

  13. Congratulations on your new home! You will have it looking cute as a button in no time. Those built in shelves look amazing! I made that same Singer mini a few years ago. V cute.


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