2018 Crafty Goals

Friday, January 12, 2018

Happy Friday! I'm back today to share my crafty goals for 2018.

This is really the first break I've taken from sewing since I started quilting in 2009. It's been primarily out of necessity (hard to sew in the middle of a big move), but I think I also needed the break. I'm still trying to process all the newness in our daily routines, new city, and the responsibilities that come along with owning a home. I'm on the verge of getting back to the machine, and while I don't feel like I'm brimming with ideas, I do feel a bit refreshed. It's a new beginning, a blank slate, and different surroundings that I hope will help kick start a productive year!

Sewing & Quilting Goals for 2018:

Fantastic Quilt Voyage

- Use up more yardage than I bring in. I'll track my yardage each month to help me stay on target.

- Reduce my works in progress (WIPs), and end the year with fewer than I started with. I currently have 33 sewing & quilting WIPs.

- Finish or destash remaining quilt tops/blocks from my book.

- Make another quilt from non-quilting cotton fabric. (chambray, lawn, etc)

- Make a quilt from my vintage sheet stash.

- Start a hand-work project. (EPP, applique, or hand quilt something)

- Finish my Dreamin' Vintage double wedding ring quilt. This is the year!

- Finish my Fantastic Quilt Voyage.

- Sew a Kelly Anorak Jacket.

Knitting Goals for 2018:

Fiddlehead Mittens

- Use up more yardage than I bring in. I'll track my yardage each month to help me stay on target.

- Finish a shawl WIP (Briochealicious, Daybreak, Sundial or Hitchhiker).

- Start knitting another pair of colorwork mittens.

- Knit a softie or ornament(s)

George says HI!

I'm keeping my goal list a little shorter and simpler this year. I know I'm going to need to spend a lot of time just getting my sewing room up and running. Between that and work on projects around the house, I want to be realistic about what I can do. Hopefully setting myself up for success! See last year's monthly reports here. See last year's goals here.

 Happy 2018!


  1. Happy New Year, Happy New House. Looks like you are off to a good start. I love that funny bunny face - Happy New Year to George.

  2. Happy New Year! I thought the fittlehead picture was my favorite for this post and then GEORGE. Please give him bunny snuggles from Louisiana.

  3. Welcome to CT! I lived outside in New Haven and Hamden for 10 years. I love that area! Hope you like it too. Good luck setting up the studio.

  4. Sounds like you have set pretty reasonable goals. I am in the process of rethinking my sewing/guest room (completely emptied to lay new carpet). It had been taken over by my enthusiasm for more new projects than I had time to finish. I am sorting and trying to rid myself of projects I’m just not that interested in anymore. I’ll be interested in how you set up your new sewing space - resources (?), thought processes, set up, etc. Good luck!

  5. Oh Hi Georgie. You are a handsome bun indeed.
    I hope you are enjoying the settling in. It is a lot of work, and there are some things you can put aside for another day. Just have a good time with the process or you will be scarred for life hahahahaha just kidding. I have moved many times -- with a lot of stuff.
    I am glad you have some good sewing knitting plans in place. Considering your "office" as I call mine, find a place that is on the same level as your basic living space. I had my sewing area for supplies and machines etc upstairs, and never found time to be there
    After my daughters moved out, I finally got a brain and moved my entire production down stairs to the family room, then into the morning room. Now I can work on my projects and also remember to make food, and have a view of the "family desk"
    I absolutely love Connecticut and You.
    Have fun

  6. Happy New Year! It IS a fresh start for you all, and I hope you find it a good fit! xo!

  7. Finish all the things! Motivator! I am going to get a vintage sheet quilt done too. I admire your ability to track incoming and outgoing stash. I think the only way for me to keep on top of it is to search current stock before any purchases. (this year anyway). Good luck!

  8. Hi Jeni, would you perhaps consider teaching a class at Gotham Quilts, a cool quilt shop in NYC,midtown Manhattan? You are a short train ride to Grand Central Station now. It would be a thrill to take a class from you!

  9. Hi, Jeni! Happy new year! Where did you get that cabinet on the top right? I'm desperate for storage solutions as most of my large stash is currently (and suddenly) stacked up on my closet floor.

  10. Ohmygod, that's so funny, Jeni! That bookcase with doors is on my list! Haha! Only after seeing it on your blog (and not having checked back yet to see your reply), did I go hunting down "bookcase with glass doors" and Billy came up first :D Excellent--thanks!


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