June Monthly Report

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Happy July! It's time for June's monthly report. See past reports here.

Early in the month I drove home to Ohio and spent a week with family. We squeezed a lot into this trip, including a trip down to Columbus to visit with my Aunt and Brother. Stopped in at Jeni's ice cream while we were there!

Every month we're here, I've sewn a little bit more. I finished this pillow last month for my friend Amanda's birthday. Now that she's received it, I can share! I made one block from my Webbed pattern using Lizzy House fabrics along with some linen. I'm happy with how it turned out, and she loved it. Mission accomplished!

I can't quite wrap my head around the open empty space that we have here. After being so cramped in our tiny apartment for six years, having enough room to baste a quilt is unbelievable. Since taking this photo I finished my vintage sheet four patch quilt. I'm hoping to get some photos of it this weekend.

We bought some outdoor furniture a few weeks ago and have been wasting no time breaking it in. This past weekend Michael smoked ribs, so I brought my singer featherweight outside and worked on my scrappy pineapple blocks.

To keep myself accountable for my stash goals, I'm tracking my yardage for fabric and yarn each month. Read more about how I track my here. Here is how I did in June:

June Fabric
Used up: 11.75 yards
Brought in: 7.5 yards
Net: -4.25 yards
Year to date: +19 yards

June Yarn
Used up: 0 yards
Brought in: 0 yards
Net: 0 yards
Year to date: +218 yards

The end of the month seems to be when I am most susceptible to buying fabric! I hadn't bought any until the 29th. I checked out a new-to-me shop and picked up some goodies. No yarn activity this month, but I am knitting again! So maybe in July?

I finished my wonderland log cabin blocks, and they're now sewn into a top! Plus, I made a scrappy backing too, so it's ready for basting. Really looking forward to getting this quilt crossed off my list.

Played out a few variation ideas for my lined drawstring bag pattern. I think the result is pretty darn cute! Looking forward to experimenting more.

George bunny says hello. He's at the tail end of his big yearly shed, so he's extra fuzzy right now!

Have a great month!


  1. All your projects are looking terrific! Glad you had a good time back in OH. A quick visit probably helped with the move's transition.

  2. I love that bag variation. Where do you get the beads for the drawstrings? George, as usual, looks adorable.

    1. Thanks! These ones were actually in a bag of beads I picked up at a thrift store, but I've seen them in craft stores too!

  3. Love your new sewing space - all that light is wonderful! Had to laugh at the hydrangeas in the vase....I have one almost exactly like yours sitting on my mantle -- love the little bit of color. Always thoroughly enjoy your blog! Deb E / Oregon mdenders@msn.com

    1. Thanks! I put off cutting them for a while, but with the heat wave we're having right now, I knew they'd get droopy anyways. I'm so glad I brought some in, they're making me really happy! :)

  4. I was recently gifted a copy of your book The Half-Square Triangle. I just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying it. SO much information! I love the optical illusion of Waypoint and plan on that being the first quilt I make from your book. I can't wait to get started!

  5. Yay, I'm so happy to hear that you're enjoying it! :):)

  6. Jeni's ice cream, -- lucky you. That cone looks yummy.
    I love reading your progress. Your new sewing room is very very nice. I like a wood floor too, it is easy to clean and you can lay your projects out. I have a small step ladder I carefully climb to sometimes look at a project.
    I am happy that you live close to family now. Didn't you move to Ohio? or was it Connecticut? Yes, that is it. I am getting forgetful. It has been HOT and it is good to have a lot of space for George to run around. I have two cornish rex kitties, Miles is red mackerel tabby and he is 8 and pretty chill. Princess is one year old and I adopted her last year a year after Pierro suddenly died. She is smoky colored and reminds me of a big furry spider. I hate spiders but she is very fast and silly.
    I hope you have a wonderful day today. I think hubbs and I are staying in, I might zip out this afternoon and take my 94 year old daddy for a walk, perhaps World Market store with all of their unusual clutter. He likes to buy German beer there.
    Your projects are always inspiring

    1. It was really tasty!

      Thank you, I've really been enjoying the new soace!

      No worries, yes we moved to CT! My family is still in OH, and that's where I grew up! :)

      Your kitties sound so cute!


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