Strawberry Minimalist Wallet

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Happy Thursday! Today I have a little recent finish to share with you. A couple Friday's ago I printed off some PDF patterns that I hadn't gotten around to printing out. Now I have a nice stack of patterns to work from when I need a new project!

The Minimalist Wallet Pattern by my friend Anna Graham was one of them! I went from picking fabrics to finished wallet in an afternoon, so it was the perfect spur of the moment project. I made the small size.

I've been collecting strawberry fabrics lately, so I knew I wanted to use this cute Japanese strawberry fabric that I picked up from Miss Matatabi on Black Friday (it's no longer available and there is no selvedge info unfortunately!). I wanted to keep the focus on the strawberries, so I chose this simple bow tie blender print from Flower Shop by Alexia Marcelle Abegg to go with it.

I happened to already have a 4" metal zipper, which was such a nice detail for this wallet. I love the YKK metal zippers that Zip It sells.

On small projects like this I love adding little extra touches. A simple piece of leather cording on the zip makes it feel really finished! I was really glad that I also had matching snaps already in my stash.

Sometimes it feels like spur of the moment projects can get derailed easily, but this one really came together nicely!

Find the pattern in Anna's shop here: Minimalist Wallet Pattern

Happy Making!


  1. This is really cute. I would make these for my teen aged neighbor girls. I love the colors and fabrics. Very handy Jeni

  2. It is so adorable Jeni! Love these fabrics together and the little details make it so special! eeek!

  3. Looks like you nailed it! Beautiful! I have tried to make this small wallet several times but that zipper doesn’t sit flat and don’t like that.


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